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Odds to go down


Huddersfield 4/7

Burnley 6/4

Brighton 13/8

Watford 7/4

Swansea 5/2

Newcastle 5/1

Crystal Palace 11/2

West Brom 13/2

Bournemouth 7/1

Stoke 8/1

West Ham 10/1

Leicester 16/1

Southampton 33/1

Everton 150/1

Arsenal 1500/1

Tottenham 2000/1

Liverpool 2000/1

Man Utd 2500/1

Chelsea 3000/1

Man City 5000/1


To stay up


Southampton 1/100

Leicester 1/50

West Ham 1/20

Bournemouth 1/12

Stoke 1/12

West Brom 1/10

Newcastle 1/6

Watford 2/5

Burnley 8/15

Brighton 8/13

Huddersfield 6/5


Surprised we're such long odds for relegation to be honest. We've not signed anyone of note yet.

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I dunno, depends who we sign, who we sell, who others sign etc.


But it just speaks to the standard at the bottom of the league that there are already 5 teams more likely to go down.

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6 minutes ago, rogerbarton said:

If summer goes according to plan we should be absolutely fine. How on earth West Brom are shorter odds than Bournemouth I'm not so sure.


Perception of momentum?

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