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  1. Whilst the left are telling people what they should think there'll be people on the right taking advantage and tapping into their prejudices. Would you rather be a gay teenager being accommodated by a radgey homophobe or somewhere with genuinely liberal values?
  2. Sympathies to her black dad who probably regrets picking a name before the birth and dismissed rumours of his lass playing away
  3. I'm pretty sure that is only effective when combined with rolling wuh sleeves up.
  4. That's the time to go attacking like, Arsenal away.
  5. We were the 5th best team in the league after benitezs last transfer window until the end of the season
  6. Defensive mentality ingrained in them after the last manager though. A criticism he identified and resolved tbf
  7. TOT kicks a non-threatening weak cross out of play rather than chance a turn
  8. Weird how injury-prone asm got "long covid". I bet it's all the soft sicknote shites that got it.
  9. Sounds like somebody has prematurely mocked the kamagras
  10. I remember being surprised at how little outrage there was when he renamed Shearer's. People still drink in there :lol:
  11. Part of the reason for not signing experienced players is that he chases anybody that dares express an opinion. Nolan, Barton, Keegan, Rafa etc
  12. This is the most leathal thing I've ever seen. 19 at the time
  13. My company built the engines powering the generators in the nightingale hospitals. Have I been offered a jab yet? Course not. Judas cunts.
  14. Production at our place stopped today due to some imported components being stuck at customs with incorrect post-brexit paperwork. Ace.
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