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  1. Cooking

    I tend to not buy more than 1kg of pork at a time in case they think I'm not social distancing
  2. Premier League Suspended Until 3rd April

    Easy for you to say, from your ivory tower
  3. General Random Conversation..

    Bourdain is God. Recommend his first book.
  4. Coronavirus

    I find myself touching my face more throughout the day to adjust my uncomfortable mask. Surely that's a bad thing?
  5. Maybe he's a relative. You know in the same way that Gordon Ramsay has about 15 Michelin Stars but he brothers a smackhead.
  6. Twitter

    :lol: was near them too iirc. "You're not laughing anymore"
  7. Mourinho has gone somewhat stale where I think Rafa has evolved. I love his obsession for the game and it'll keep him sharp tactically. Some of these younger managers have success at a club then fail to replicate it. Not Rafa. He's a cut above. I can't believe we even got him the first time.
  8. I believe she's a Liverpool fan so will be well educated on just how good he is. Already knowing most of the squad is a huge advantage as well. I'm not a fan of the immediate overhaul.
  9. Coronavirus

    Klute... remind me!
  10. Iirc Stavely is a huge fan too.
  11. Their fans are renowned arseholes though. He can grind out wins all day for me. I loved watching us under him. The sense that there was a game plan even though we were shit. The not getting humiliated every week. Him coming here boosted our profile to such extent that it probably encouraged this takeover too. Wor flags and full stadiums all inspired by him. This goes through and he's a club icon. He deserves the job.
  12. Coronavirus

    Have we considered that Corbyn could have put him up to it
  13. I'm saying the job didn't suit him given the immediate results that Madrid fans demand. I think (and control) given time he'd have succeeded though yes. He's one of the most intelligent men in football imo.
  14. He tried to instill a disciplined playing style. Discipline to execute a game plan doesn't automatically mean defensive. He is a top manager with top game management ability. Going into Real Madrid and getting those egos on board was a mammoth task.
  15. Coronavirus

    All be forgotten about soon.

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