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  1. Won't happen but it might but probably won't is a pretty safe position like
  2. I hope your lass doesn't see this thread, that puppy is going to be from a broken home
  3. Have the protests managed to get Stoke promoted then?
  4. The revenue nufc will have lost off the UM family would have hurt any club
  5. Our place makes anyone with a bad reaction self isolate as a precaution. Can't wait for mine
  6. I think the covid denying is just a resistance to the recommendation of upping personal hygiene
  7. Given the clubs involved are basically making the league up, they'll make sure the rules allow huge squads too to facilitate the extra games. Imagine how little we'd have to spend to not get relegated if these clubs got banished from the PL
  8. "10 minutes left at the Pizza Hut San Siro and the Daves Double Glazing Scoreboard still reads 1-0 to inter"
  9. Ring in and say you think you've got asymptomatic covid
  10. Aye one them at my place was a tabber
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