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  1. Coronavirus

    Strategic early contamination before the plebs are fighting over the ventilators.
  2. Coronavirus

    I'd like to apologise to @Rentonfor taking the piss the other week. It's getting to me a bit now. And now I've lost gym access that keeps me relatively sane.
  3. Coronavirus

    It's surreal all of this. Feel like I'm in a film.
  4. Snidey colleagues work nicknames

    Mr Tumble - a previously cocky FLT driver who came to work with broken fingers following a pissed fall.
  5. Snidey colleagues work nicknames

    Fred West - suspected a a trail of bodies for years but in the end got done for child porn. Porky pig - team leader with a stutter. Bare belly - fat lad who's gut was always hanging out the bottom
  6. Snidey colleagues work nicknames

    Simon Weston - a universally disliked ugly supervisor.
  7. Snidey colleagues work nicknames

    The Iron Lung - wore a way OTT respirator mask for welding. The Bell - a lass with a figure of the same name
  8. Snidey colleagues work nicknames

    Can't remember posting this thread
  9. Coronavirus

    Tesco had the cheek to email me and request I leave delivery slots for the more vulnerable. I'e done my shopping online for years and given that anybody over 40 that I tell about it seems flabbergastered I find It hard to believe it'll be pensioners waiting in the wings waiting to swoop on my spot. No offer of a subscription refund of course. They want me to keep paying for the almost-impossible to book slots that have half of items unavailable and just not use them.
  10. Snidey colleagues work nicknames

    Just a.few.off the top of my head from over the years The black widow (seen.2 hubbys off,.still would though..) Onslow - old.school manager. Not a people verson Hans Moleman. Lost a bit of weight and now stretchy skin. Daryaline. Nice lad but in the right light could be.your.nan. Bread head - plank,.pleasent but bad craic. Worked at Warbutons. The golden.decieiver. fit a distance, dog.up.close
  11. Coronavirus

    [/img] Sorted
  12. Coronavirus

  13. Coronavirus

    His coronavirus equivalent of I hope we get relegated so you can all celebrate schtick.
  14. mackem messageboard gold

    Their games might be a good place to self isolate
  15. Coronavirus

    The taps at work man. Press in... Haaappppyyy.... Press in again Birthd.... Etc Then everytime I touch the tap to restart it I'm recontaminating myself. Vicious circle.

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