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  1. General Random Conversation..

    When you're in the bog and say nearby stool...
  2. Burnley vs Newcastle United

    Anyone still think Almiron should be dropped?
  3. Burnley vs Newcastle United

  4. Politics

    When the electorate is too stupid to vote in it's best interests then there isn't an answer. Stop looking for one, find peace.
  5. mackem messageboard gold

    ex premier league club Blackpool. mackems probs see it as like a cup final
  6. Politics

    I still don't see what the answer was. When all that shitshow of a Tory party had to do to win a landslide was commit to Brexit then I doubt a more charismatic leader would have made much difference. People were too entrenched on the issue and the result inevitable. The new leader needs to abandon the left or will just be branded Corbyn-lite in the media. People will lap it up of course
  7. Burnley vs Newcastle United

    Oh is this today
  8. Politics

    He was made a problem by the media because he was so far left and people swallowed it. Anybody else trying to implement those policies will get the same treatment
  9. Politics

    Were all labour votes remain like?
  10. Politics

    Friday the 13th.
  11. Politics

    He can deliver every claim he made in the run up to the referendum now with this majority.
  12. Politics

    What we needed a left wing pro brexit party, just to take some votes back from the one-issue Celtic tattoo yellow tooths that voted
  13. Politics

    At least enjoy the irony of the turkeys voting for Christmas again at this time of year. Good night.
  14. Politics

    EU red tape safety regs mate. They'll be doing 16 hours of manual labour with bare hands soon.
  15. Politics

    At least there'll be more jobs for me to apply for then. Not qualified to do any of them, like.

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