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  1. Fuck the lot of them off. Pay joelinton off as well. Stinking the place out
  2. Fish stinking up the rtg thread now. Ffs. I don't remember his return being part of the takeover deal
  3. Trying to convince themselves that pif are cash poor and all their capital is tied up, and that they won't be spending much on us. Love that place.
  4. Looks, pedals, you're here to ridicule the guitar lads.
  5. Still working through. Not as good as last week's banofee mess
  6. I'm about to have a cardiac arrest if my burger and rocky road mess doesn't arrive pronto. 40 minutes late and counting.
  7. Hopefully his excellency brought his beheading sword.
  8. His excellency will surely sanction a billion pound management restructure after that. Triple peps wage.
  9. I hope his excellency isn't within earshot of any unsavoury language
  10. Has anyone accounted for Renton's whereabouts?
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