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  1. Not in practice though. But then Barton is a bit of a scalp for them isn't he.
  2. Joey Barton’s wife Georgia also had her say, leaving many fans baffled. She wrote: “Whilst I wouldn’t normally comment on private matters, before the rumour mill goes into overdrive I’d like to make it clear there is absolutely no accusation by myself or anyone else that Joe has been violent or physical towards me. We consider this a private matter and will be making no further comment.”
  3. genuinely thought they were only for the elderly. I mean I could risk wading into my local gp surgery, germ ridden and people coughing and spluttering in the waiting room, to get vaccinated against a virus that I'm not in a risk category for. But I might catch flu off the trip before the antibodies even kick in. I’ve made it this far and I'm in rude health. Because I'm smart and clever
  4. Vaccine sides disproportionately effect young stallions with the pfizer one. Which did you get?
  5. I mean by the time I got offered this one there was already new variants that it struggles against. Unless I'm offered one hot off of the press that chins everything about then I'm not arsed. And anything that comes out will have been getting developed for 6 months. I don't see how vaccines ever get ahead
  6. It is polarised that anybody that doesn't want an annual vaccination is suddenly on the other side of the argument. I think higher risk groups should absolutely get annual jabs.
  7. I felt like shit the day after my last one. If that happens after my annual one that could be a month or two of my life wasted! I'll roll the dice now thanks! Even this has become a polarised issue!
  8. We were told it was so dangerous because of lack of immunity in the population. Now there's plenty. You think I'm getting annual jabs? Fuck that.
  9. Spread it to who? Vaccinated people?
  10. Are they taken from your victims?
  11. Why would I? A dead arm for 3 days for to prevent a virus that I'm almost certain not to die from?
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