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Roeder-Reasons to be cheerful 123

spongebob toonpants

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1 He isnt Graeme Souness

2 When he played for us he knew how to organise a defence, surely he can get some improvement out of our rabble

3 Played for us , understands us , loves the club

4 Saw him score a brilliant diving header against Man City I think, I was stood in the Gallogate- He went fucking apeshit. One of my favourite memories

5 I sat next to him away at Luton when he was out injured. We were in the posh complimentary seats section. He came up to me and my mate in the players lounge at half time and bought us a pint and saidyoure a pair of noisy bastards-keep up the good work

6 He might teach Titus to do the Roeder Shuffle

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I'm hoping we'll definitely see some improvement in positioning of the defence under roeder.


And you have to hope that if Shearer is playing, then he will know he needs width in the team to help himself out and so we may even see Nobby get to play out wide now and then!!!

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