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  1. In a bizarre coincidence there is a picture of this game in an article in today's guardian https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2021/oct/16/conflict-of-emotions-greets-newcastles-first-game-under-their-saudi-owners
  2. The really sickening thing about this Frost behaviour is it actually seems to be working to some extent
  3. Yep I'm finally out as well. Matt Hancock in a cushy new job, and the select committee report about the government complete fuck up of covid response hand waved away without a care. People are fucking idiots
  4. My first game saw Wynn the Leap score the winner against Man City. If I see them this season I will have seen games in 7 decades
  5. Have 17 of them in the house, have read 7 Can't bear to show the list to my wife or daughter because I will be hit with a wave of superiority and smugness the literary fuckers
  6. Sprinters are the only way to go, all the other vans are for amateurs
  7. Could do a lot worse than Potter. I watch a lot of Brighton, and they seem extremely well coached. If we aren't getting a Conté type he would be infinitely preferable to Slippy fucking G
  8. The only manager whose been linked who I hate more than Rodgers is Gerard. I'll be gutted if it's either of them. Can't think of anybody better than Rafa to see a top to bottom overhaul but sadly I think the chances of that are fairly remote
  9. Arsenal fan from a non football board I frequent posted this from Arseblog. Refreshingly even handed Newcastle fans are excited, and why wouldn’t they be? They hate Mike Ashley, so the fact he’s going to be gone, and replaced by a group that is richer than Croesus to boot, must be very welcome. I reckon Satan himself could rock up to St James’ Park and would be given a warm welcome simply because he is not Mike Ashley. Intense dislike of one thing makes any kind of alternative seem welcome. I’ve read the articles about sports washing, and honestly one of the
  10. At what point do we start getting nervous that it's not going to happen?
  11. I wish they would just go ahead and announce this. I've got a minging hangover and I'm desperate for a hair of the dog
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