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  1. I've bought tickets for December for the Sleaford Mods at the Brighton Dome. By my estimation its 50/50 to actually go ahead, but hey here's hoping Sickeningly just realised I will be 60 by the time it rolls around.
  2. Well thats first time I've watched in a while. How we have any points is a mystery beyond my understanding Fortunately not watching the second half
  3. I'm not going to lie, I'd give it a go. Not so sure about the pie
  4. In shit claims to fame I've played table tennis in my mates basement with the guitarist out of Saxon Wish I'd known about that at the time
  5. So I do this export of train parts once a week to Germany for Bombardier. Pallet of stuff to be cleansed. Previous cost £175, 2 day turnaround. From the 1st export cost extra £35 german import cost extra £50 estimated turnaround 5 days no garuentees
  6. Stephen Miller. Genuine Nazi
  7. https://twitter.com/ImIncorrigible/status/1346420368769216512?s=20
  8. To be fair it's calmed me down a bit because she is so risk averse she hasn't been anywhere outside her flat apart from our house since March
  9. As Ive mentioned before my daughter is involved in data analysis for PHE, and specifically covid death and infection levels in the South East. The opinion of her and her team is that whilst this new variant exists it is being used as an excuse by Johnson to change policy for Christmas because having Lomdon in tier 2 and the 5 day relaxation of rules was such a terrible mistake
  10. Please don't think I was on any way showing any level of support for the cunt
  11. https://www.standard.co.uk/comment/brexit-no-deal-brussels-eu-customs-union-b219100.html The country is turbofucked when George Osborne is the voice of reason
  12. Let's not forget Remainers were also completely hamstrung by having Corbyn in charge of the opposition, the useless cunt. He was probably keener on Brexit than Johnson if everyone let their true feelings be known. A competent opposition leader and we would be in a much different place now
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