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  1. Just listened to Brigit being interviewed on LBC. Very impressive. Future PM. Will be many opportunities for future blackmail
  2. My prediction is the So what Fuck You defence will remain undefeated
  3. Glorious stage today. So close for the break. Sad to say but Cav looks like he just doesn't quite have the legs Certainly not looking like he will do enough to displace Jakobsen to get the slot for the Tour
  4. Frank Clarke x Willie McFaul Pat Howard Terry Mac x Jinky Jim Stuart Barraclough John Tudor SuperMac Terry Hibbit Bob Moncur Terry Gibb Bit disgusted with myself I can't reel them all off
  5. Back in the 80s the Punch and Judy at Covent Garden was always a meeting point for many of the toon army footsoldiers. I could never work out why
  6. I love my PT Started going to the gym about 4 years ago age 56. Got 2 free sessions on join up where he gave me a set of upper body and a set of leg work outs Saw him twice every couple of months after that and he would upgrade routines. Started on machines then on weights. Life changing for me tbh
  7. This is from the US but just as relevant here The price of just about everything in the U.S. economy can be broken down into the three main components of cost. These include labor costs, nonlabor inputs, and the “mark-up” of profits over the first two components. Good data on these separate cost components exist for the nonfinancial corporate (NFC) sector—those companies that produce goods and services—of the economy, which makes up roughly 75% of the entire private sector.
  8. Who would have thought Krafth Longstaff and Almiron down the right could play like that. Most I've enjoyed a performance in years
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