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  1. Claims his number 1 target is inflation. Policies that deal with inflation? Exactly zero. Obviously to much to ask for that Nazi Laura might ask him what exactly he had done to decrease inflation
  2. He seems a bit more mobile to me. He'd gone the full Frank Bruno recently but seems to be better prepared these days
  3. Draws ok. Both drop points. Liverpool lose obviously good. Spurs lose. Lol spurs. So much to enjoy
  4. Rezillos are great live, all out sci-fi punk pop attack. Last time I saw them must have been 43/44 years ago and it was like being in a cartoon Back in late 70s early 80s the Undertones were far and away my favourite band, saw them many times and nobody could touch them live. Saw them in 2008ish when they first reformed but couldn't get over the lack of Feargal and considered it a bit karaoke and never thought I'd bother to see them again Last night was a birthday present from my youngest, so I resolved to put my reservations aside. I went in viewing it as the Undertones being the band plus a singer. They opened with emergency cases then you've got my number and I was sold. After that it was just one stone cold classic after another. The singer couldn't really pull off the later stuff, Wednesday Week and Love Parade were a bit weak, but the rest of it was pure family entertainment All in all had an utter blast
  5. Had a blast of punk nostalgia last night with the Rezillos and the Undertones Got to say it way exceeded my expectations, was great fun.
  6. Hits your hand it's handball. Fuck intent. Slightest glance? Unlucky thems the breaks. That's my solution and I'm stuck with it
  7. I went to a lecture he gave in the early eighties and he was an absolutely inspirational speaker. It made so much sense at the time, but it was hard to explain afterwards. A bit like what I feel like when I watch something on quantum physics, makes perfect sense when I'm watching bit I couldn't explain a word of it later. Anyway, I think he was a better politician than and a much better mind than Corbyn, and I dont think you can argue the fact that Labour has turned itself into Tory-lite through fear of the press. The point I was agreeing with was any form of socialism is off the agenda and I fear Starmer will just mark time till the Tories get back in
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