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  1. My boys guitar teacher was Terry Bickers from House of Love. We shared a substance supplier
  2. So I just watched the first episode of the remake. Thinking it is better than the original is akin to thinking a Vesta Beef Curry is the best form of Indian food
  3. I had heard the US remake was a pale imitation of the original, but now I might give it a whirl. I will report back, but it sounds to me you weren't quite clever enough to understand the original withot being spoonfed a watered down version
  4. Utopia. The original on Amazon Prime. I don't know how I missed this in the past, but it is magnificent
  5. What you don't understand here is that Trump isn't going anywhere. There will still be 60 million people voting for him. Much like Brexiteers these cunts are in their element when not in power but shouting bullshit from the opposition.
  6. He certainly wouldn't have been my choice, but electorally I don't think he's that bad a choice. I mean in a sane world he would be the Republican candidate. USA pretty fucking far from sane at the moment
  7. Both sides at it's finest, happily ignoring that one side is a literal white supremacist. Well done
  8. When I used to play football in the park if the ball touched your arm or hand even if slightly or completely by accident it was tough shit, handball. I am thoroughly enjoying the new rules, I just don't think they go far enough
  9. This is exactly what I meant by the Republicans are playing a different game. If the roles were reversed the Republicans would do this in a heartbeat without a hint of regret. If the Dems don't sweep this election, give Puerto Rico and Washington statehood and pack the Supreme Court, then USA election going forward will be about as fair as Russia's
  10. They've still got three months after the election to force it through no matter what happens. The Supreme Court will have a 6-3 crazy right wing majority for the next generation. The only possible chance the Dems have got is if Biden wins and they flip the senate and have the guts to increase the number of judges on the Supreme Court.
  11. Republicans are playing a different game to democrats, and they are winning easily
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