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  1. Kinnear - Appointed Director of Football

    That was genuinely the ramblings of a mad man
  2. Kinnear - Appointed Director of Football

    Did he say Johan kebab?
  3. Kinnear - Appointed Director of Football

    Ben afre', galtierez, shola amemiobe, this bloke is a comedy genius
  4. Kinnear - Appointed Director of Football

    Derek Lambese, good start
  5. Newcastle v Liverpool

    4-3. Nailed on
  6. Newcastle v Fulham

    If its CT I'm guessing its "anything but sense"
  7. Aston Villa vs Newcastle United

    never in doubt
  8. Recommend me something to watch!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2torhbHGRh8 rip prop joe
  9. The Real Liverpool - Newcastle thread

    on a footballing note we would have pissed that game without the injuries, the first half was a classic away performance
  10. The Real Liverpool - Newcastle thread

    I genuinely would have been happy if the Colo challenge had ended that buck toothed cunts career, but I have to admit he didn't half take that goal well..... the shithouse
  11. Ceefax

    0898 12 11 90
  12. Thatcher and Hillsborough

    Thus proving your opinion is worthless
  13. Thatcher and Hillsborough

    Ha Ha - Iwas just about to try and describe Rocky Road, and I'd just decided on pompous over bombastic. I'm impressed by the combination of wrong boring and unreadable he manages to achieve In my opinion anybody who was over 16 during Thatcher's reign and doesnt consider her evil has an opinion that is worthless. And anybody who says anything along the lines of times may have been hard but I left school but found a job is an ignorant cunt. I've never had a day out of work in my life, have always been pretty succesful and had a decent standard of living but I still know who the enemy is

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