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  1. Please somebody put my mind at rest that Fat Sam isn't going to somehow save West Brom. They actually looked pretty good from the bits I saw yesterday. The fat cunt
  2. I'm 59 years old and I don't think I've seen a more gutless display in my life. An absolute disgrace
  3. Sorry to hear that Renton. Just Awful. Take care
  4. i'm booked in for Sunday - instantly immune to everything, correct?
  5. i remember him scoring an absolute screamer of a diving header in front of the Gallowgate I think it was against Arsenal but my memory is pretty vague, but he went beserk after it, it's one of my favourite memories from the time I;m with HMHM he will always be a legend for me
  6. He might as well have idiots as defence lawyers, he is getting off no matter what. He could send somebody to just stand up and say, "The defence case is go fuck yourself" and he still get the Republicans to vote to acquit
  7. My favourite graffiti was in the LSE bog when I was at college. Big Daddy. Fatter than the rest
  8. I've bought tickets for December for the Sleaford Mods at the Brighton Dome. By my estimation its 50/50 to actually go ahead, but hey here's hoping Sickeningly just realised I will be 60 by the time it rolls around.
  9. Well thats first time I've watched in a while. How we have any points is a mystery beyond my understanding Fortunately not watching the second half
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