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  1. This is now the first election without a Biden, Clinton, or Bush in it since 1976.
  2. Good luck man Easy said but don't hate yourself and take it hour by hour, day by day. You've faced the problem and as others have said it's a setback, but your still on the journey
  3. It's those around him that are the problem imo. He probably doesn't realise how badly he's coming across, and will be in denial about his declining mental state. My MIL spent years denying there was anything wrong with her memory and believing it, even when she was completely gone His wife's a fucking Dr for christ sake. She just doesn't want to give up the lifestyle of being the Presidents wife Look at the way she talks to him here, like he's a five year old doing a school quiz He's surrounded by people whose position depends on him running. They aren't going to advise him to quit And he's too far gone to realise he's too far gone
  4. Gone to far with that mug. Proof that politicians have no principles
  5. Farage's stated aim was to be leader of opposition. The Tory membership love him. Farage does deal to not stand against Tories in exchange for becoming leader Dream scenario if Starmer does well, but a nightmare if he doesn't
  6. https://archive.ph/NCc3M Athletic profile
  7. Democratic duty done Hove and Portslade Hello neighbour @Holden McGroin
  8. I've had to be on total media lockdown as I couldn't watch live. Just watched the last hour convinced he didn't have a chance and it was a tour too far, and he fucking smashed it. Not gonna lie I'm a bit teary
  9. 16 fucking years old. Jesus fucking Christ
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