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  1. Free and fair elections?Free is dubious, there are plenty (mainly poor and students) disenfranchised. Fair - nope
  2. Exactly Too thick to realise the ideological shit they are being fed isn't bollocks, so happily shafting the country by inflicting this crap on the rest of us While the real ptb, the cunts who fund these think tanks, whose identities are completely hidden hoover up the proceeds. It fucking stinks
  3. The legacy press certainly doesn't have the impact it used, but it still creates a subliminal drumbeat for the morons to march to. Added to which the press also has also lost the ability to hold people to account, and tell truth to power as the phrase goes, it is almost totally pure propaganda now. More importantly the BBC has completely relinquished its role to inform, the both sidesism that brought us Brexit and climate denial, and made major figures out of Farage Johnson and ReesMogg continues unabated. Just heard the news headlines on Radio 5 and they played a minute long clip of govt minister but quoted 10 words from Starmer. Most people listening would give the government side credence and just hear tac cuts. No mention of the pound or the cost of borrowing It's a long way from in the bag amongst the actual people whose vote matters
  4. I hope you are right but I still think you underestimate quite how toxic Labour still are in the South. In the same way as I would never vote Tory there are probably at least 30% of the country who always will Also never underestimate the extent to which people are idiots, and there are none quite so stupid as a floating voter. Proves my point, these are the people who have a vote
  5. For once CT has a point. Just look at the way this already being spun as a gamble but worth a try. Unless Labour manage to craft their own narrative I fear a short lived bounce next spring followed by a snap election
  6. For all (including me) hoping for Trumps impending financial ruin, this is sobering reading Donald Trump’s Great Escape: How The Former President Solved His Debt Crisis https://www.forbes.com/sites/danalexander/2022/07/29/donald-trumps-great-escape-how-the-former-president-solved-his-debt-crisis/?sh=52642ec73970
  7. That man is loving life, and I salute him
  8. Peados to the left of me, peados to the right Here I am
  9. Sadly I think this is wishful thinking. He has managed to get himself into position as King of the grifters Some PAC or another will pay the fine after it gets negotiated down to 1.5m and he has his army if rubes he can fundraise off in response to the charges. He will probably end up better off financially
  10. Zoe Williams isn't exactly a militant leftist but she nails what's wrong with Starmer here https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/sep/22/uk-broken-12-years-starmer-tory-government-labour
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