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  1. Your Reason For Not Going Last Night?

    I went and it's exam season (only one exam next week though luckily). It was good fun. Freezing though.
  2. Tom_NUFC, theinspiration, ken

    Also Elvis Presley's 75th yesterday. RIP the King. Many thanks y'all.
  3. Sports Personality of the Year

    It's alright though because he's had a "great career" and is "nice", unlike every other sportsman to play quite well this year.
  4. Best Boom Based Song?

    I was worried you meant best song played at Boom for a minute there...
  5. Wise breaks silence one year after Toon-gate

    Apologies for the slightly contraversial question, but I still don't see what he did wrong? I mean he may be a knob, but even then he was only doing his job wasn't he?
  6. Other games

    "Play up Pompey, Pompey play up" has to be a close contender.
  7. Adebayor

    Blatantly just a split-screen camera trick...
  8. Derren Brown to predict the Lottery - LIVE

    I like the way he didn't reveal the numbers on Wednesday before the lottery, stating it was because he couldn't legally reveal the numbers. That was supposed to be a 'prediction' that happened to be right - not exactly revealing the numbers, considering the draw hadn't been made. Then on tonight's show he has the opportunity to show everyone his team and people watching the show the predicted numbers beforehand when they're all in the room prior to the draw, but instead just rushes off. That way his team can't confirm whether he really did predict those numbers beforehand.
  9. A Level Results

    Can't say for sure but I've heard it is, yeah. It's a a Russell group university so you can expect it would be pretty good.
  10. The Ashes

    Still seems a bit odd we've won the Ashes when you consider the statistics: Strauss was the only Englishman in the top 7 runscorers in the series (he was first to be fair, but he played the most innings). Eight Australian centuries, compared to two English. Leading three wicket-takers and bowling averages all Australian. Etc. But I'm ecstatic nonetheless. That said I'd like to also spare a moment to thank South Africa for their valuable contribution in helping us win this Ashes series.
  11. A Level Results

    Congratulations A-level students. I got AAC last year (yeah I only got a C in English after messing up some exams despite working hard, even though monkeys can do A-levels now ). So I'm now at Newcastle University, having completed my first year studying geography (a fine subject if anyone's wondering...). Nyff I'd definitely recommend Newcastle as a city and it's a very good university also.
  12. Usain Bolt

    Bolt is blatantly a woman tbh.
  13. Other games

    Must admit watching that on MOTD2 it did put a smile on my face like. He missed loads of chances like that for us, in a 1 vs 1 he's so predictable he just always trys to side foot it to the keepers left. Yeah I think for a "natural goalscorer" he's very limited in how he shoots at the goal. b]Was nice to see him miss that.[/b] Couldn't give a fuck tbph in much the same way I'm not bothered about Martins' goal for Wolfsburg or the string of saves Shay's supposed to have made for Citeh. They're gone man - time to move on. I don't care how well they do - I would have been much more keen for Given to do well if he hadn't given that "Newcastle didn't try hard enough to keep me" crap. I was just echoing the sentiments of alex about how the media would respond.
  14. Meals

    Post of the day.

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