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Uber Eats, Deliveroo couriers etc - looking for research particiapnts

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I’m a lecturer in geography at Newcastle University. At the moment, I'm leading a research project exploring the types of night-time work that people do, and one area of growth is in the ‘on-demand delivery’ sector: people who work for eg Deliveroo, Uber Eats, who respond to customer orders (hence ‘on-demand’) and who don’t have regular shift patterns, instead working as and when jobs are available. A large percentage of these workers use their bikes to get around, and this is a fairly new phenomenon in most cities.
This part of my research is interested (1) in people’s experience of evening and night work in these jobs and (2) in the sorts of places and routes that on-demand delivery workers find themselves in at night. 

We’d like to interview around 30 workers in Tyne and Wear, Durham or Darlington who have some experience of evening and night-time on-demand delivery work. You don’t have to be doing the job currently, and we’re not researching any one company. We want to speak primarily to people who cycle, but drivers/motorcyclists can participate too. Interviews will last around 1 hour, and I can travel to a location convenient to you, though we prefer it to be somewhere semi-public (cafes are ideal).


There’ll be a small payment of a £20 gift card that can be used in various high street shops. All participation will be anonymous and we won’t store personal data.

If you’re interested, or you know someone who’s interested, please get in touch with me at robert.shaw2@ncl.ac.uk. There’s a slightly extended explanation of what I'm doing at https://rob-shaw.net/night-delivery.

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