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Magic the Gathering Arena


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Is it any good? I never played Online as the client was absolute shite.


I used to play a lot in college/university and then dropped off but picked up again lately as Mrs A asked me to teach her how to play so now we're both down the rabbit hole and have less money than we used to.

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Haha, that's how it goes.


I think the client is solid. The previous iterations I was a bit unsure about but i can't complain about this one in any particular sense. The timeout system to hurry up slower players stops the game becoming frustrating, and in general I think the graphics and interface are solid.


I've quite happily sunk a few hours into it. The only real problem is that many people are unimaginative bores and all use the same deck alignments. It was a big problem at the start when only 3 sets were available but it has become less significant now that they have 8 sets. More variety in opponents as a result.


I've managed to get to Gold rank with my deck.


Also there's a friend system to play people you know, so you can use it for long distance games with friends.

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