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chester mag

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I was just wondering if this site is going to have an area to off load tickets or is it just as on all other boards we post them on this section.

As I can not make the first game against the hammers and wanted to move it on

to someone that wants to go.

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Its £20 and its in the gallowgate end and yep it is my season ticket the very same one that Matt had for most of last season due to my illness.

This yr I have alot of work on and will not be getting to that many yet again as my boss being the bassa he is and a LFC fan takes the Saturday and sort of leaves me with what I can get off.

So I will have a fair few for the same price that I can not make this season and as you can see I sell them on to fans at a below face value price .

I hate touts and would never rip any fan of the Toon off for a ticket if I can not use it. Any one that wants to know about the seat ask matt he was well chuffed with it last season.

Anyway cheers for letting me post it on here.

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I'll put a sticky up on the proviso that the only posts going in there are ones either offering or requesting tickets, no conversations otherwise it'll become hard to keep up and we'll end up with duplicate threads down here.


So if you have a ticket to sell put it in the thread with contact details (recommend email or PM, cos theres some right numptys on here who you wouldnt want to have your phone number ;) )

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