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  1. The WiFi on my 4s is cattled and has been ever since I stuck iOS 6 on it. Option is greyed out. Done loads to try and fix it but nowt works. Ganna get it swapped I think.
  2. Saw this a while back, this one being by far my favourite
  3. http://stickersonthecentralline.tumblr.com/
  4. Beats a stress ball! Kunis by the way.
  5. That's what happens when you don't pay for the 'services' of Annie & Clarabel. Bitches be steamin'
  6. Nah you didn't. You could always apply for tickets and travel independently. We did that for all of them. Part of the application was telling them your travel plans though. They did shaft people on one occasion though. For Breda, if you booked through the club you automatically got a match ticket included, regardless of your loyalty points. As we only got 1000 and Holland was/is hugely popular for euro jaunts, the club took nearly 600 of that, leaving people who'd booked their own trip to fight for around 400 tickets. Obviously you need a lot of points to get a ticket out of 400. Me and the old man were sound but loads of the lads missed out. Cannit see this being a major problem for Bruges though mind, I think Birmingham got about 5000 for their game and by the time the club come up with owt most people will have sorted themselves out.
  7. Why not, like? When we played Zulte Waragem a few years ago, we decided to fuck off the flying and give the Eurostar a shot. Got an early train from here down to Kings X then across to Waterloo. Quick change in Brussels and we were in a bar Ghent by 2pm. Security was much less of a fuck on and you're unloaded in the centre so there's no airport runs. It's even easier now. Went to a festival in Paris last August, got the 7am down to London (it's direct, nee stops) in 2 and a half hours and then a 5 minute walk to the check in at St. Pancras. Another couple of hours and you're in Paris by early afternoon. Easy. Granted if it gans wrong it's a fuck on but that applies to flying aswell. Also, this is coming from someone who loves flying. Don't work for Eurostar either!
  8. Saw it earlier this week. Thought it was really good to be honest. Emma Stone is fucking ridiculous. I might go and see it again just for her.
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