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  1. Cos shearer and carver are big mates, hs aint going to rip him in public is he no matter what he thinks on the QT.
  2. will be watching chester a lot this yr now the club has reformed and got rid of the cancer that was Curtis warrens right hand man. Great to have the local club back and run by the fans. Also might nip down the rd to watch Connahs Quay Nomads in the welsh league in the midweek fixtures allowing.
  3. We should be out there now trying to get him back he is Quality and we lack that in lumps at the mo.
  4. grounds a dump but they got to be the most friendliest fans I have ever come across at any ground. Nice Pub right behind the ground as well.
  5. If only I could pal but you know my hands are tied.
  6. Seriously? Oh, and I'm willing to bet you didn't pay for anything. I'm guessing you're mam's boyfriend paid for it, if in fact you went... which I doubt. Prove it fucko, post a pic of you in Istanbul. I'm not posting pics of me self on here when I've offened nutcases on here mate. Especially when I work all round the country. Never know when I could bump into Moats mates. Now thats a fuckin lie a scouser that claims to work,, Fook off.
  7. Bump again ,, never know it take so long to get rid of
  8. Just got home from two weeks in Aruba just off the coast of Columbia and venezuela, bleedin expensive but amazing place to chill out.
  9. jesus Calm down fellas its only a season ticket I am selling dont go to war over it.
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