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Free DVDs, anyone?


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Putting this in here rather than in Classifieds because I'm giving away, not selling (and because I want the post to actually get read :lol: )


I'm having a wee clearout ahead of a house move and I've got these NUFC DVDs that I'm not looking to hang on to:


  • NUFC Season Review 2002/03
  • NUFC Season Review 2003/04
  • NUFC Season Review 2011/12
  • Shearer The Legend


I know they sometimes go for a few quid on eBay (and other times for pennies), but I can't be bothered with that & there's no point giving them to a charity shop in London, so I thought I'd mention it on here in case anyone knows anyone who'd want them. Happy for it to be a friend of a relative of your milkman's neighbour (etc.), just Paypal me a couple of quid for postage and they're yours. Hit me up with a PM if interested. :naughty: 



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i've got most of the mid to late 90s season reviews on VHS. the wife tried to persuade me to get rid of them when we moved house recently. i refused, despite no longer owning a vhs player 

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