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Football Manager 22


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It’s a bit of a cheat but as us (and Man City) if you spend all of your cash and max out your budgets the board will find “sponsorships” to any level to cover the losses. So you can literally spend anything you want without worrying about budgets. Also if you are doing really well and just ask for more money they usually give it to you (or did in my save). 

I resigned from NUFC as I had won everything and expanded the stadium to 80k. Pochettino took over and has done ok, always top 3. 

I’ve taken on a re build at Dortmund who were finishing bottom half, won my first cup and league this season. Champions league to come.

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Im about 10 years in with newcastle, I’ve won everything there is to win for the last 9 years and my midfield of Declan rice and Jude Bellingham is coming up to retirement.


Only still playing this save because I’m a month away from our new stadium being finished and they are naming it after me. I’ve played since Champ manager and I’ve never had it happen before

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