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  1. Lucy Worsley. Little lisp does things to me
  2. Do we have a thread for famous lasses that straddle the boiler/fit confusion zone? Tried searching but no luck
  3. I’ve been to the Allianz, it was Oktoberfest and I was a bit worse for wear. I remember it being decent but not great. I mainly remember how steep the stands were (we were in the 3rd tier I think) and being able to drink in our seats. Loads of land around it as well. I remember walking through park land and a massive car park before we got to the ground but again wasn’t exactly compos mentis. Looked amazing from outside all lit up mind.
  4. What does a £150 grand tree house look like? They are basically a shed a in tree aren’t they?
  5. Think Schar starts ahead of burn tbh
  6. He would have been paid to be there and that is Donatella Versace, he models for high fashion houses. It has no baring on his football, and fashion is subjective. I bet he thinks we all dress like it plebs as well
  7. I love how much fume his fashion photos cause in football fans tbh
  8. One of my early jobs was site manager building a replacement clubhouse for a pigeon racing club, in Bolton (oh the glamour). Their old one was compulsory purchased by the council so they could build on the land and it was a basically a hut. The moaning old bastards basically wanted a solid gold replacement, the demands they made were mental. There was only about 6 of them as well.
  9. If anyone is interested the England social media team put training videos up and there are a few of Pope and the other goalkeepers. I am aware that it may be a niche market
  10. He has made an appalling pun Zizou/Zizek.
  11. How much can youse get away with tossing it off at work and how much do you do it? I basically created my own roles as it is now, so nobody except my boss knows the specifics of what I do and he seems happy as a pig in shit and doing even less than me tbh. This week so far I have sent 3 emails and read through some things while sat in the garden for work. I used to feel guilt for stuff like this but since my dad died I’ve not given a fuck, the essential work gets done to the same level it was previously but the above and beyond bits can wait until I fancy doing them, if ever.
  12. Dean Saunders is one of the biggest smooth brains on talksport, and that is rarified company
  13. Awfully defensive about “not” your sofa there mate
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