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  1. Don’t care if that’s faked Shilton is a lead legged, racist cunt.
  2. Aye I think he counts ones he scored on Sunday league as a kid
  3. I really like the theory that Pele was a fraud, but I’m miles too young to have seen him play
  4. Similar situation, my old man is vulnerable at the moment and my brother is constantly. I am quite looking forward to a Christmas just me and our lass, no dry turkey, no driving, choose what we want to watch, kip on my own sofa. Will be nice.
  5. True. Honestly At least we might be able to defend if Pulis was the manager
  6. Pulis has just taken over Sheff Wed last week
  7. Thing is we know all these players can defend properly. We saw it under Rafa, makes you wonder what’s changed and why they can’t now.
  8. Lump turned out to be nowt. Pretty happy I live near the Christie, the staff there are amazing. Old man has had to move onto radiotherapy, but still looking positive. My new job starts soon, just working my notice. House is finished upstairs (things i could do myself) and expecting structural reports this week to get downstairs finished. Bit drunk (blue label) but cheers all, look after yourself and your loved ones x
  9. I can go to a site meeting on a Monday morning with 15 people from all over the place, can’t go for a pint with my dad.
  10. I would watch Asprilla play now, even at his age
  11. Don’t get many kids called Nobby nowadays. RIP
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