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  1. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    Big, strong, quick, grafts his tits off and can’t finish his dinner
  2. New Strips?

    I got a top off there before, ordered a large and it’s a Chinese large (won’t go over my kite)
  3. The Gardening thread

    So was I
  4. The Gardening thread

    I have less body hair than a lesbian these days
  5. The Gardening thread

    I bought some birkenstocks, only 33 and the comfiest footwear I own.
  6. The Gardening thread

    It was only another Tom kitchin venture that I forgot, I like his food and this is deffo laid back. It’s called the scran and scallie really good pub food. I couldn’t remember where you said you were staying but new town way? So shouldn’t be too far
  7. The Gardening thread

    How was Edinburgh mate. I remembered another place to maybe eat but it’s obviously a bit late now
  8. What's Currently Wrong With You

    Cheers all
  9. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    Merino has gone to sociedad
  10. World Cup 2018

    I went to uni in Scotland, England were playing in a tournament 2002 must have been and I went to watch it in one of the quieter uni bars and a kid turned up in a full Scotland kit to watch England play. He was only there to cause aggro so I mercilessly wound him all game and he got thrown out for trying to fight a lecturer. Small man syndrome.
  11. What's Currently Wrong With You

    Deffo been worse so far. Won’t really hit till I get home. On my last bag of fluids now. Should be done by 5ish. Got two 1 hour outpatient treatments left, then a 6 week wait for a scan to see if it’s worked. Basically will have had the whole summer off work and been too rough to go anywhere or do owt, bad timing.
  12. The Gardening thread

    Ball soup
  13. World Cup 2018

    I like Southgate and we will be better for keeping him until at least the euros. The players obviously like him and get what he is trying to do. Last night was a stretch too far against a more experienced team. Modric and Rakitic against Henderson etc in the midfield was a mis match. Thought Kane was poor last night and Alli was pretty much all tournament, Trippier was class all tournament and the back three especially stones and maguire were good. Semi finals with a young squad and manager gives us room to grow so enjoyed it overall

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