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  1. What's Currently Wrong With You

    Cheers all and congrats hmhm. been out for a few but keeping the powder dry till next weekend. thanks for all the good wishes over the duration, you lot aren’t bad
  2. What's Currently Wrong With You

    Cheers lads. Going to enjoy all my vices next weekend, got my mates coming to manc for my bday. Just waiting for some pubs to open and I’m off out
  3. What's Currently Wrong With You

    Cancer free. Bring me all the beers!
  4. Alexandar Mitrovic

    Didn’t score today Rafa. Even Yedlin scored against these shit houses
  5. What's Currently Wrong With You

    Slapheads suit some blokes, it doesn’t suit me. I had fairly long hair and had a full beard since I will 18, so I’ve gone from unkempt wilderness looking fucker to a frog whose heads too small for his body. It’s a strong look
  6. I can accept the blowing out my arse bit, I’m nearly 34 and my recent illness etc. I played for professional and semi pro teams when I was younger so my pride took a right hook when I couldn’t pass the ball 5 yards. Even miss timed a header and took one square in the mush. Shocking
  7. What's Currently Wrong With You

    I have (had) such lovely hair though
  8. What's Currently Wrong With You

    Has my last scan last week, got to wait until next Friday for results. The waiting to find out is probably worse than the treatment. Hair has decided to grow back patchy as, I’ve had it razored off twice and it’s still being a mong. Still better than a man bun that I see cunts wearing like so I might just grow it out
  9. I played football for the first time since the chemo on Tuesday. Thought I was going to throw my lungs up for 95% of the time and to top off I was fucking shite. Its a start though I suppose.
  10. Alexandar Mitrovic

    Fulham spent 100 million this summer, we made a profit of 20 odd million. They play a different brand of football with more (and better) attacking players. Still think Benitez will have us finish higher than Fulham. Could not give less of a fuck about international football, or the goals scored while playing internationally.
  11. General Random Conversation..

    Do you still use ask Jeeves instead of google as well?
  12. And nobody outside of West Ham or third division clubs could give less of a toss
  13. Politics

    It helps that she looks like she died in a house fire I imagine
  14. 6’1” 13-4 and the only cunt in the world to put weight on following chemo (I’m blaming the steroids) Starting football and going back to gym ASAP

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