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  1. I haven’t even read the whole argument you seem to be having with the entire board, I saw a little bit of one of your posts that said Rafa played defensively at Madrid so I posted that they scored nearly 3 goals a game. Have a good weekend mate.
  2. Not really, your argument is far too difficult for me to understand mate. Carry on.
  3. Rafa Benitez’s Real Madrid scored 2.76 goals per game, including a 10 - 2 victory. Pragmatic.
  4. General Random Conversation..

    I’m starting to look like the fat one from superbad
  5. General Random Conversation..

    It’s alright for you premature baldies, I have a luxurious mop of dark curls that is getting way out of hand
  6. Coronavirus

    Half of everyone is under average intelligence or something, I’m not good a percentages
  7. Coronavirus

    I know two couples who own small independent pubs/bars here in Manchester. One has started doing delivery the other hasn’t. If the 2m distancing is long term they would only be allowed about 10 people in at one time, doubt they could operate under those conditions. Hopefully weatherspoons goes the journey as well.
  8. Coronavirus

    I shut down the majority of our sites right at the start of this but have been told that we are now going to start up construction again. Absolute headache, being asked for risk assessments etc. Apart from published guidance it’s pretty difficult to risk assess a virus, especially when we could have 30 different subbies on the same site who all have different circumstances
  9. Television 4k’s, 8k’s, Oled etc

    Be amazing when there is no room for the settee in your room like
  10. Reckon most of the FA are dealing with project restart or whatever they are calling it, so no wonder it’s been delayed
  11. Coronavirus

    We can add risk assessment and the hierarchy of control to the list of things CT doesn’t understand, along with percentages
  12. Coronavirus

    No issues mate. Just pointing out your error, it’s the expensive ones that struggle
  13. Coronavirus

    Point of order, £5 prozzies don’t gag on owt
  14. Right man for the job?

    Think I said guys on my first ever post and had my arse handed to me by everyone. Sharp learned my lesson
  15. Would keep them, we are desperate for full backs, athletic centre midfielders and a decent centre forward. Think the centre backs are probably as good as it gets outside liverpool/city. joelinton has been shite but would be pretty interested to see how he does in a better team with a better manager, albeit as a backup to mbappe

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