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  1. Aye looking for three worse teams every year is how fans dream of their season starting
  2. It’s probably the HRT and cock pills making him spotty like
  3. I got away with the bottom one when I visited, no idea if it’s correct. It’s gorgeous up there like
  4. Worst part is we have a cleaner twice a month. At least she feels my annoyance
  5. I’ve made the point she is doing nowt so she has stormed off to “clean the bathroom”. I accept apologies in the form of cash or a photograph of yourself with a cock drawn on your head and posted to this very message board. Regards
  6. PS. I’m having a break and a glass of water before I get called work shy
  7. Since we have to self isolate I have been volunteered to paint the fucking fence. Im sweating my cock off while she must be on supervisor duties sat watching me
  8. We went for a meal on Friday for the first time in a year. Woken up this morning by a notification that I have to self isolate for 8 days. Done a test at home and both clear but it’s fucking annoying
  9. That’s creepy as fuck. He’s deffo on a register him
  10. Im Not having this vorderman slagging like. Prior to all her her work and while I was a student she was prime comedown sad wank material. What she is now is irrelevant
  11. The best kind of volleyball there is
  12. There was a mixed sex volleyball team at my college. We all thought the lads were puffs but thinking back they might have been a massive step ahead
  13. Any of your fuckers play golf? I’m reaching an age now where 7 a side is getting to hard on the knees but still want a bit of competitive sport. I want a decent half set or full set of clubs to play with and need some suggestions
  14. My parents moved to Spain when they retired. Between Malaga and Seville, bought an old farm house and me and my old man did it up. The rural parts of Spain are mint. It’s an easy option to piss on but it’s a beautiful county. I mooched around in a hire car for 4 months when i got laid off once. Bilbao and San Sebastián were some of the nicest places I’ve been. The Alhambra palace was mint too. Ignore the little Englanders who move to new build estates to live with other English people and it’s a mint place to be. The lasses are muck too, from personal experience
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