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  1. What are you drinking?

    I’m at magic rock brewery in Huddersfield, it’s pretty mint.
  2. Yes Gemmill...

    Wasn’t Tommy smith a massive racist?
  3. What are you drinking?

    You drinking it like?
  4. Europe --- In or Out

    Would love a square go with that poem nonce
  5. Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace

    We need two centre midfielders with some legs, none of ours are very athletic when compared to most other teams, someone like ndidi from Leicester would completely change our team (obviously we won’t be buying him but someone similar)
  6. General Random Conversation..

    Fast and the furious 17: Roundabouts are hard
  7. Got pretty much the same team
  8. New Strips?

    Bit early to be drinking
  9. Would be delighted in Burnley went down, have no time for Dyche and they are shite to watch. Feel the same for Cardiff though so im happy either way
  10. Politics

    You might want to fuck off
  11. Politics

    I don’t post in here much because I’m not an expert and I prefer to learn from people who know more, but.. Im from Boro and I love it (I know - call it Stockholm syndrome) but the recent show on tv about people hunting rabbits with dogs on South Gare really highlighted the tories austerity measures. There is people in the county who are disabled who can’t get support due to shit assessments. There is people working zero hours contracts who get 1 hour a week so they are “employed” and taken off the unemployed list. Im sorting all my qualifications and professional memberships and I’m hoping to be away if I can get a job sorted, me and our lass are looking at either sweden/Denmark or Finland. I don’t even care about the vote anymore, I was and am 100% remain. I don’t want to share a country with the people who are desperate to cut their nose off to spite their face. I recognise this is a complete soliloquy and I’m not apologetic.
  12. Europe --- In or Out

    Can’t get over that bloke saying pretty girls and leave voters in the same sentence. Glad CT is posting in this thread again btw, got everything he has ever claimed wrong so providing so certainty
  13. Other Games 18/19

    Bound to happen mate, whenever I’m watching a match with mates and I slag someone off they do something class as soon as the words are out of my mouth. Not sure of the squads but heard sancho has a knock somewhere
  14. Other Games 18/19

    My mistake, Barkley touched it in blind as well as stupid
  15. Other Games 18/19

    And Hudson odoi just scored haha

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