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  1. Anyone who listens to talksport gets what they deserve, reactionist mongs playing lowest common denominator to get bites. Awful shite
  2. General Random Conversation..

    Sounds right up my strasse
  3. General Random Conversation..

    Hired a cabin at white cross bay, between Ambleside and Windermere. Not got a lot planned, few walks and some wine in the sun.
  4. Coronavirus

    Yeah all the areas they have targeted have high asian populations and it’s eid this weekend
  5. General Random Conversation..

    Off to the lakes tomorrow. Absolutely busting for a change of scenery and a relax, can’t wait
  6. Plumbers

    Could be as simple as a build up of muck in your shower head/hose tbh or just a knackered washer on the tap like PL said.
  7. Plumbers

    What kind of shower is it? Electric or from a mixer tap?
  8. Where has time gone?

    Congratulations mate
  9. Journalism is dying on its arse, the quicker people realise mongs like Edwards are fighting for views/page hits and ignore him the quicker he goes away.
  10. Europe --- In or Out

    Wanking AT something seems even more aggressive than a normal wank
  11. Oh, look - another cunting game of football

    Great goal that
  12. General Random Conversation..

    I’ve told our lass I shan’t be joining the whatsapp group. I need to keep them onside for a bit coz I’m going to knock down their shed for an extension (it’s a weird semi-detached thing, I’m not annexing their garden). Im not making a curry for 8 houses on a camping stove either so the might be hungry when it’s our turn.
  13. General Random Conversation..

    It was at the last place thankfully. It might be worse here tbh, fuckers next door bounced round while we were moving in, invited us to the street whatsapp group and told us they do a Friday night curry club where someone on the street cooks a curry for everyone else. Haven't got a kitchen mate, give us a minute.
  14. General Random Conversation..

    I’ve had to ring the police for a domestic next door. Fuckers woke me up arguing, she was massive and would have battered her fella too so not sure which one I was helping out.
  15. Would thoroughly enjoy Eddie Howe the smug cunt and “plucky little Bournemouth” (backed by a billionaire) relegated.

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