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  1. Holidays 2020

    I lived in Clapham, hated every minute although it was full of Aussies. My job involved driving around building sites all over the city and down to around Kent/Essex etc so that probably didn’t help.
  2. Roy's Rolls V Brucies Baps

    Think putting Richie back on the right and moving Almiron in the 10 would be better going forward. He isn’t my favourite player but Hayden needs to play centre midfield, he can get about a bit and wins the ball back a decent amount.
  3. Roy's Rolls V Brucies Baps

    We need to ply 4-2-3-1 to get more support to the striker since none of them can hold the ball up. Our central midfielders would probably get over run because they aren’t mobile enough and I doubt Bruce could set them up to defend well enough without a 3rd centre back though.
  4. ever evolving relegation guesswork...

    We will stay up because inexplicably there are 3 worse teams than us. Next season will be tough depending who comes up, West Brom and Leeds are both better teams than us already
  5. General Random Conversation..

  6. What are you listening to ?

    Texas Sun, Khruanbing/Leon Bridges. Fucking mint
  7. mackem messageboard gold

    Grown man just posted that
  8. Country has gone, lad can’t even get his cock and balls out in front of men, women, children and the tv cameras anymore. Everyone knew a flasher when I was a kid, and that’s how I liked it.
  9. We we go out we deserve it, been poor all night
  10. Kids in the north east have been picking either boro or Sunderland academies since I was a teenager. It’s not new, and it relates to the owner not investing in it, and the kids knowing there is not a real pathway into first team football. i understand that here has been more recently but I think that is just intransigence from the owner regarding spending money, rather than the lads actually being premiership level footballers.
  11. Cooking

    Still standing mate
  12. Cooking

    I’ve heard that too, but wouldn’t eat a closed mussel. I’ve had food poisoning and apart from the weight loss, it was rough.
  13. Other games 2019/2020

    All referees and linesmen look like the kids who grassed on you at school.
  14. Norwich took 4 points off us this season?

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