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  1. The Cycling Thread

    Good on you for going to the gym mate. I’ve gone back twice this week since the chemo and tried to do what I used to do, I nearly died the first time and ran out of energy after 20 minutes the second time. Better than duck pizzas though
  2. Europe --- In or Out

    Don’t let the mong wind you up, he probably never even voted
  3. Elias Sorensen

    Am I being soft here or is Strerry a right back and the other two midfielders while Sorensen is a centre forward?
  4. Toon V Blackburn Rovers FA Cup 3rd Round

    Longstaff has been solid again after the weekend
  5. Toon V Blackburn Rovers FA Cup 3rd Round

    Class, nice couple of injuries, extra time then out on pens
  6. Newcastle United U21's vs Sunderland

    They got city’s kids in the next round, best lube up their fulwell
  7. Newcastle United U21's vs Sunderland

    Did them right up the Fullwell
  8. Europe --- In or Out

    Is this JLR thing Brexit related?
  9. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    It is mental for some kid who has played in America imo. I don’t know the salary cap in America but I imagine he is on a lot less over there?
  10. Elias Sorensen

    He is very technically gifted but a bit lightweight for senior football atm. Heard from a friend who is a coach at Boro youth. Probably be another in a long line of promising youths who don’t make it but I hope otherwise
  11. General Random Conversation..

    Anorthernsoul and his mates there. Saturday itinerary, moan at Greggs, hate immigrants then have a few pints and whinge about the best manager we have had since Bobby
  12. It’s hard to tell if it’s filmed as a comedy or they are both just totally stupid but it made me laugh either way
  13. The bros documentary is comedy gold

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