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  1. VAR... really??

    Chill out yoda
  2. General Random Conversation..

    No. Homeward bound now, mullered. Disastrous evening all round
  3. General Random Conversation..

    Got a team “bonding” day today. Basically a piss up in Liverpool. Having to wait at the train station for a 40 year old woman because she can’t figure out how to get a train from Manchester to Liverpool alone. Shes late, so im two pints deep already. This could be the end of a decent job
  4. Probably. Think I have a ticket in the home end for this, last time I went in the home end at City we knocked them out of the cup under Pardew. Ominous
  5. SJW Snowflakes

    I’ve negotiatied all my salaries tbh. Got quite a good pay rise to move from London to Manchester, if you don’t ask you don’t get.
  6. Harvey Weinstein

    Those realistic sex robots best hurry up
  7. VAR... really??

    Arguing against something that might improve the absolutely terrible standard of reffing is a strange stand point like. If something is shit, you try to make it better? Did you oppose the back pass rule rule as well? It was fun watching the old Liverpool teams pass back to the keeper from the halfway line all the time mind.
  8. Carillion into Liquidation

    Using public contracts to pay shareholders massive dividends. A lot of the work should have been given to local SME’s who can mobilise and deliver the work with smaller overheads.
  9. My point was that the fans should know that the players aren’t world beaters and should probably pack in the whinging, especially when those average players are giving it their all. The manager has implied as much all season. I also don’t think my point about the atmosphere on an Internet forum is counter productive, because there is about 40 active users on here.
  10. Record at home is terrible, because fans get on the teams back. Even though knowledgable fans would know we have a team that isn’t premier league quality but is giving it’s all. We are in a relagation battle and we have been all season, as 100%of newly promoted teams are, forget our past when we were good. We are scrapping and with this owner it’s all we can do.
  11. So there is (some) money to spend, people just don’t want to sell in January.
  12. Precedent Trump

    If they could make it more racist and retarded it could replace the real one
  13. More likely to go down than us tbh
  14. Cooking

    Photos of soup would have really made a big difference. You eat with your eyes as the saying goes...

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