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  1. Been on a cigarettes after sex tip lately
  2. Would absolutely destroy that lass like. For 30 seconds
  3. Was going to say, it’s been 15 years since I went for a drink in newcastle and even as a lad from boro, daisy hill wasn’t a place to go. Still nailed it Howay.
  4. My lasses’ brothers girlfriend was at uni with her. Completely tapped apparently
  5. I’ve worked both and PL nails it. I didn’t private sector when I was younger, worked long hours, made good contacts got involved in a lot of stuff probably above my pay. Moved to public for a bit of a chill out tbh. The hours were long and I was basically on call 24/7 if something needed doing immediately. Sounds like you have made your mind up like so good luck. You will be fine
  6. Haha I know Kingsley, didn’t expect to see him today. One of my best mates was in a band with him for years called the chapman family. Really nice bloke
  7. Yeah my experience is anecdotal, current dog hated it so I stopped. Had my previous dogs prior to crates been a thing.
  8. As if being OK is something to aim for and get excited about. Hadn’t been near relegation in years when Ashley took over, seems like yearly occurrence now.
  9. I tried crating when I got my dog, I think it’s all the rage at the moment but honestly she settled better when I got rid of it. She found somewhere she liked and moved her bed there and hardly cried at night after that. She’s 5 now so middle aged for a bulldog really.
  10. Have you had a dog before? The type above not a minger
  11. Also, what pie? Youse are in division 3 for the foreseeable, bog standard club at that level
  12. Is anyone else’s head just battered by the current situation? Feel knackered but then can’t sleep. Knocked the drink on the head since new year and that’s not helping. Life seems to revolve around my site visits where I get to leave the house, the rest of the time I’m sat in fucking pointless zoom meetings that could have been emails. Got about 8 weeks until the builders have finished and we have a working kitchen, which would be fine if it was want costing us every penny we had spare. I just want to go to the pub with my mates.
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