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  1. I’m coming to an age now where I would be expected to start voting Tory. I have a good job, nice house and I’m pushing 40. I still find myself outraged at the majority of their policies. What’s blowing my mind is young lads, working trades on sites I go to who think “Boris” is a “legend” with no irony. If you are expecting the young to save us, you might be waiting a while.
  2. You were mates with a bloke who flicked bogies at his own ceiling? Explains a lot
  3. Let's get tough. The time for talking is over. Call it extreme if you like, but I propose we hit it hard and hit it fast with a major and I mean major leaflet campaign
  4. Just wondering why you get loads of shit for their coverage, when it’s literally nowt to do with you. Unlucky tbh
  5. Yeah that’s an asphyxi-wank that like
  6. I’m off to my first ever cricket match today. Semi professional end of season game/do, champagne breakfast on arrival, free drinks all day. The actual cricket will be an irrelevance
  7. Don’t eat sweets, they mess with my dentures
  8. Cordial opinions please. Have gotten into lime cordial in a big way, used to despise it so must be cos I’m pushing 40. Deffo an older mans game lime cordial
  9. Signed that Mexican kid from the Goal movie apparently
  10. Do drugs, but not with Gove
  11. That’ll be the excuse for having 30% possession, at home, against Southampton
  12. St Max gets Bruce out of jail again
  13. 2-0 defeat, Armstrong to score. Bacon tits to blame Rafa
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