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UHF Radio Microphones


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Is anyone here clued up on UHF radio microphones? I think I know the answers but want re-assurance before I proceed. 


I run the pub quiz down my local and we use a radio mic system. Last Sunday the microphone was left on the bar, got knocked off and, well ...... it's now an ex-microphone. 


The frequency of the receiver and the mic is 606-630MHz (Band F I think!). The pub bought a replacement mic but got one that is Band H 494-518MHz so wasn't compatible and has been returned. 

I've now found a 'like-for-like' complete system on Amazon for a reasonable price only it's on 470-494MHz (Band K?!). If I did a complete replacement there shouldn't be any issue with it being a different frequency, should there? 


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Just to confirm KCC's answer, from a TV radio mic POV, if it is both transmitter and receiver you will be fine.

Only thing to be aware of, and not sure if it is an issue in the UK, but certain frequency kits in the UHF band, can be unusable in different countries because they are frequencies used by TV and radio broadcast or phone networks.

But if you bought it from a local supplier you should be good as they wouldn't be allowed to sell something that clashes.

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In terms of traditional analog wireless systems (VHF and UHF), UHF systems do not hold any large technical advantage over otherwise similar VHF systems. However, interference due to electrical equipment, digital devices, computers and other electronic equipment is generally lower at UHF frequencies.
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56 minutes ago, Kevin Carr's Gloves said:

@Craig I assume seeing as your not posting calling us cunts everything is tickety boo


Best not ask .... some twat decided to plug the new receiver in without turning the amp off! :stars:

Currently have both a replacement amp AND mic system on order. I'm not touching it :lol:

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