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Heavy snow and blizzards have gripped parts of Scotland and Wales overnight, with similar conditions expected for parts of England during the day.

Thousands of clubbers were left stranded in Glasgow overnight after heavy snowstorms affected transport.


An estimated 3,000 people had to shelter in a nightclub, a bus station and a hotel, while gritters worked to make the roads passable.


The snowfall is not expected to ease until about midday on Sunday.


Western Scotland and central and north Wales were also waking to snow on Sunday morning, with bitterly cold temperatures expected to bring similar conditions to north west England.


This is quite late in the winter season to be seeing snow of this magnitude


Forecasters said light snow could also fall across the West Midlands, Bristol and possibly Somerset.


The Met Office issued a severe weather warning.


Higher ground could have 15 to 20 centimetres (six to eight inches) of snow by the end of Sunday, said forecasters.


The Met Office has predicted that snow could turn to rain in some areas later, which means the possibility of flooding.


Penny Tranter, of the BBC Weather Centre, said: "During the day on Sunday, the snow will move right across the rest of Scotland and all of northern England, with blizzards continuing.


"There will be snow at lower levels as well."


Cool air from Scandinavia has caused this severe weather.


Ms Tranter added: "This is quite late in the winter season to be seeing snow of this magnitude."


Is it snowing in Newcastle?


Its crazy the amount of snow we have got here and living in a small town the roads etc are completely covered.


However my Dad was due to leave about 5 am to travel down south, i expected to get up this morning and find the car still there however it looks like he had made the journey. :)

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My SKYs not been working all morning so i have just hung out the window clearing the dish of all the snow that was on it and hey presto its working again. Looks like i`ll see the match after all.

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I was in Lancaster this weekend and got up to find a good 2-3 inches of snow. Trying to get out from the street I was staying in was fun, I turned left and the car faced left, but then glided gently to the far side of the road- Thankfully there was no oncoming traffic. It's absolutely covered across North Lancs and though the South Lakes. M6 by Shap was extremely dodgy.

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The M62 was a reet bastard today - quite a few shunts and loads of broken down motors - I just made kick off despite setting off just after half 9. Not too bad on the way back though.

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