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mate of mine has internet access at work, but the admin have somehow blockerised all useful sites, like nufc.com, google, lesbianspankathon.com


any of you techy types got a clue as to how he would be able to get past this? and you know, not get found out?


I swear I could remember some website, that once you open it it kind of masks the websites you visit... but this could have been just to hide it from your history... I dunno


but anyway


HELP, we have a guy stranded and like Marines... no-one gets left behind B)

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cheers mucka



Im not 100% certain on this but I reckon that if you set up a page which basically contains 2 frames and in the 2nd frame have the site you want to access then it will allow it as many of these blocks are put on the Address bar.


ie you have a page hosted at say www.kittens.com which contains a blank frame and a 2nd frame with its URL set to www.spankethelezzas.com. The thing that goes in your history is www.kittens.com and not the dodgy lesbian porn site.



Try this: http://www.multiscroll.co.uk/kittens.html


ps the above example isnt a dodgy porn site, its nufc.com

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Pud I prmise to refrain from mocking your height for at least three days for this... cheers man



So has your mate confirmed that this works? If so, then if people give me a list of "normal" sites that cant be viewed I'll create a page for them.

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