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LMA Lacking in Compassion

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Compassion. :quotes:


At least this time he didn't mention that the LMA should change the rules because they've got two Geordies at the helm. :quotes:

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I had a large white box with the word false printed in it following me around that page. Is this to be a feature of all of Oliver's articles from now on?




In other news, we are now officially the fucking Make a Wish Foundation.

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Usual stuff from Oliver, mind you Allardyce and Curbishley can stick their opinions up their arse and the pro-liscence is a fucking joke.


A course that serves no other real purpose other than make people pay uefa/fifa to get it, and that everyone passes as long as they go for enough hours, actually being tested and learning anything is irrelivant to passing.


And from what little i've read about it, it sounds like it doesn't even concern football matters, coaching and fitness etc. but more "man management" and finace type stuff.

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