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Wor Al

Network Interface Cards

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Does anyone know where I can get a card like this one, but with the transfer rate of 100MBp instead of 54?




Basicly, I'm just looking for a card similliar to that one, because I'm planning to buy a Belkin router and I don't want the other computer(or this one) to have a slower connection.




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It is usually preferable to stick with the same manufacturer for all you gear, but its not essential.


Nearly all my gear is of different brands and it works fine.

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Weh, you don't actually get the fully stated 54MBPS and it limits this across how many computers that you have linked on the network. Still canny like, I'm on 10mbit cable with 2 PC's and I still get my full transfer rate on 54MBPS but I have heard that file transfer is shit slow and should be avoided; this is from what I have heard I haven't done it myself personally.

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