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  1. Sounds like a decent formation with 4-3-3 like, but why the fuck is Geremi in there? Get N'Zogbia in... 2-0 to us.
  2. Jesus fucking christ on a bike, come on lads!
  3. Haha, just do him. Quality photoshop mate.
  4. It looks alreet like, not bad for the DS in comparison to some games. I have seen some fucking awful looking games for that hand held like. Sorry to bomb the thread but it amazes me how people can fork out £30 odd quid for games that look like utter wank.
  5. Weh, you don't actually get the fully stated 54MBPS and it limits this across how many computers that you have linked on the network. Still canny like, I'm on 10mbit cable with 2 PC's and I still get my full transfer rate on 54MBPS but I have heard that file transfer is shit slow and should be avoided; this is from what I have heard I haven't done it myself personally.
  6. If the Jormans do have a bit of confidence and take it to them like they might just do it, look what happened with the Argies v Mexico game...
  7. I too hope that Argies win so that just on the off chance that we get a final with these, would be a cracking game with alot of history behind both nations. I do think Jormany have a bit of confidence behind the side now and with home advantage, try and cause an upset.
  8. I have to agree with you there but he does offer the long ball approach if our short game is shit. I have to say he has done ok for us like but he hasn't been anything special.
  9. johnz0r

    Graham Poll

    Haha quality post SSR.
  10. I would imagine a quite comfortable win for the Argies here like, as been said without having to get out of 2nd gear. I would love to be wrong but I can't see it with the form that they have shown in the group stages.....
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