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Volunteering in Africa

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After the out-pouring of charitable folk on the Zip-slide thread, I thought I draw your attention to a slightly less traumatic experience.


My flatmate is going to do volunteer work in Tanzania next month with Volunteer Africa in association with HAPA (Health Action Promotion Association), a Tanzanian NGO. She will be helping the locals to build a medical dispensary for three villages.


In order to raise money for the trip she's selling some of her original paintings on Ebay. So if you like a bit of abstract art and fancy helping out here's the link. All the money raised is going direct to the project.


Ebay page?



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Mmmmm, I'm always wary of these people going to help out in Africa, perhaps because the only ones I know who've done it are at uni. Most of them seem to want to go for their own self-satisfaction and so they can go round telling everyone that they've done something "real" to help the world.


A mate of mine is in Zambia at the minute and supposed to be building a well/teaching children/finding a cure for AIDs but so far all I've heard her say is about going on safari, visiting big waterfalls and using the pool in her hostel (a pool ffs!). Your flatmate may well actually be doing it do help the poor starving darkies but my view is that generally people who do it are cunts.

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In fairness, the only person I knew who went to Africa for that reason fits ewerk's description perfectly.


She was, strangely enough, the only person from school who ever did something that I felt might compete with my success. I'm not only enough of a cunt to feel competitive about charity, I'm enough of one not to actually do anything about it.

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