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  1. Your fans were hardly fantastic. From the Gateshead end (where there was 20 short of 1,000) you couldn't hear the Blyth fans at all, occasionally a drum being banged but that was it.
  2. Nice! Both those home mockups look good, better than the majority of the Adidas template shirts. The sponsor is that Fit for a City thing instead of the Council logo: We'll also likely go back to a Claret and Blue away strip, only had the current blue one because Adidas Europe didn't do a Claret one.
  3. They could hang it from the roof of the leazes in a similar way to Celtic If they did that, I wonder how many people would stand on Bainbridges roof carpark watching the match.
  4. Was wondering when a Blyth fan would knock it. He's hardly a mystery backer. He (Graham Wood) has been a Gateshead fan since the 1950s. And it's true he probably will get sick one day like most owners do, but it certainly wont be in the near future. As for the capacity being 9,000. You're right it's bigger than any Gateshead fan expected but when you break it down it's not that ludicrous. It's 2,000 seats in the main stand with the other three stands being terraces. If it was converted to all seater it'd drop to 6,000. Blyth's ground Croft park holds about 6,000 and would hold more if
  5. It's taken a long 3 year wait from the idea to get to unveiling the pans. The land has been purchased and today Gateshead FC unveiled their stadium plans. Far more impressive than I ever imagined: Gateshead Football Club today held a press launch to unveil the site and plans for their eagerly awaited new stadium development in the centre of town. To build on its goal to take the Club back into the Football League Gateshead FC will build a new state-of-the-art stadium on a derelict site, formerly North Durham Cricket & Rugby Club, opposite Gateshead Civic Centre.
  6. Gateshead v Tamworth - 7:45pm, Gateshead Stadium
  7. There are a few pictures of Redheugh on here. There was also a link posted on the Gateshead forum to a video of the FA Cup Quarter Final played at Redheugh (Gateshead 0 Bolton 1) back in 1953 - http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=30773
  8. That's what I've been told. By a few people as well, just opposite the Civic centre, decent amount of space and good links! Good news for me since I used to get in that place all the time as a kid. There is literally no sneaky way in through fences that I didn't find. I'd like to see them keep me out. It's always nice to get a freebie every now and then! That's one of the two places mentioned on this website - North Durham Cricket Ground. The other next to the town centre is just on the other side of the bypass/flyover thingy from the town centre. I'm hoping it's the old N
  9. The fans and the club want to be in/near to Gateshead town centre, a bit like St. James' is to Newcastle city centre. Luckily the council appear to want this too, as they're looking to invest/revitalise the town centre (even attempting to get city status in the future). This is why it's taken a couple of years for the club to acquire the land for the ground. Redheugh Park (The Pitz 5-a-side place) is as far from the town centre as the International Stadium, and has worse transport links. Apparently it was investigated as a possibility, and ruled out.
  10. There was a rumour at the backend of last season that it'd be announced around the start of this season. It was mentioned in the pre-season programme against Huddersfield that the new ground was to be part of the NewcastleGateshead 2018 World Cup bid as a training venue (also with the International Stadium). The Gateshead Chairman and vice-Chairman are part of that bid team. So hopefully we may hear something within the next month.
  11. I can't speak for all Gateshead fans, but I've never come across a Heed fan who absolutely detests Newcastle United (unless they're also a Sunderland fan). There are some who only support Gateshead and therefore have no real affection for either Newcastle United or Sunderland. As Gateshead is mainly made up of support for NUFC and some SAFC, we draw fans from both clubs as their second club. In general both sets mix well at the International Stadium under the banner of supporting Gateshead (The Newcastle v Sunderland politics are left at home for 90 minutes). As for getting voted out t
  12. Mick Tait took over as Manager of Blyth on Saturday.
  13. Gateshead's new ground has been 2+ years in the planning so far, so it's hardly like the club are starting the process from now. The land has been purchased, and the rumour is that it will be announced at the end of the season with building starting within the next year. It's said to be a 6,000 capacity stadium, very similar to Burton Albion's Pirelli Stadium. Congratulations to Blue Star, won 4-1 and are promoted to the Unibond Premier Division. Hopefully Gateshead can join the promotion party and get back into the Conference National, Semi-Final 2nd leg v Southport tomorrow K.O. 5pm at G
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