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  1. Alan Pardew - Poltroon sacked by West Brom

    Mike Ashley looks like an obese David Cameron just thought I'd mention that
  2. Alan Pardew - Poltroon sacked by West Brom

    Newcastle have a fair few 'lads' in the team who need a bit of guidance and what not, someone to look up to. So you have to wonder why they have gone for Pardew. An interesting chap no doubt about that
  3. Met him once he is a really nice guy, very very pleased for him
  4. Given that the season CC has got off to a rather good start laying decent foundations under Chris Houghton, would appointing Shearer now be a gamble? Not because I think CH is cut out for the job, I don't at all but given that the club doesn't seem to 'need' the boost Shearer would bring would a steady pair of hands actually be the smarter option to garentee a swift return to the PL? For me Shearer is still unproven and no matter how you coat it or contextualise it, his run of games last season was not that of a motivator Supreme. One win in 8 and the most lacklustre last day you can imagine when the players should have been more up than ever... Yeah you had players coming out praising him but results and performances where just not there. I think he's very lucky in a way no one has quizzed him a bit more about that, yes JFK was shit, yes CH did nothing either but a guy who is supposed to be the answer to all our problems didn't even come with a 'new manager bump'. What I find more alarming is he seems so reticent to take the plunge at any other club, touching yes without question... clearly Newcastle means the world to him, but is it not also a case of not having the burning desire to manage, the one thing you see in all the greats. Sir Bob would have managed a pub team to keep his toe in the water yet Shearer seems almost uninterested in management outside Newcastle, this makes me more than a little nervous, he could have gained a ton of experience by now but seems to be content on the MOTD sofa..... is this really all it's cracked up to be would it not be better to just remember the good times? Coppell for me.... when all the other business is through, I'm not trying to imply Chris is good enough for the whole campaign or slag Shearer but well...I have doubts
  5. Sideshow Bob

    I'll get slaughtered but I don't care.... He can be a success depending on who comes in as boss, a manager who can boost his clearly fucked confidence and one that wants a guy who can play it from the back and he could be a good player again. If next boss just want two bangers in the back line then obviously he's a dead man he should stay
  6. What should Shearer do

    Barton is the sort of guy you build a team round, not in a creative sense but is defiantly a leader.... whatever he's got going on up there (and I don't think he's thick as shit) is actually rare in modern day players they want to get home to their wags and cars and screw the rest.. I don't think that'd do for Joey I think a lot of his frustrations are because he is not being given the authority 'to lead' when that is his natural role.
  7. David O'leary

    I think it's become fashionable to call DOL shit... his team at Leeds played some brilliant stuff, he even got AV to 6th or something... then it all tailed off and he moaned a bit and now he's the worst manager in the world.

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