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  1. One tough year. To say we're one of the most talked about media mong attracting clubs in Britain, I never ceased to be amazed by how ignorant the majority of this country are about this club. One tough year. We have been shit for nearly 6 years. You say your crowd was disappointing at 30,000 today, anyone would think you get that regularly, it is in fact one of your best eight attendances of the last six years, on about two club city blah blah it's all utter bollocks, I have nothing against Sheff Wed reasonable crowd, reasonable club but your ignorance of this club it's staggering.
  2. As a Wednesday fan, I am hugley pissed off at the moment, but I am pleased that this F@@king fraudster of a person has had his dealings with your club terminated. What a WA@ker. BUT, we did tell you so !!!! Up the Owls see you on the 26th/12
  3. S H E F F I E L D W E D N E S D A Y simply awesome.
  4. Keep hearing this quoted, just sounds like another footballing cliche to me. Surely the idea is to play your best, score more goals than the other team and try not to get yourself injured. Isn't that standard practice whichever league your in? + if all these teams do possess this 'hallowed experience' wouldn't we have seen them in the premier league by now, unless of course they just aren't good enough? Fuck the Bla@@es wankas. You will stroll them at bumhole lane and at yours. keep on going, you'll be fine for chuffs sake !
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GckHE1Ieas Fat scrubbing B@@stARD !
  6. To be blunt my Owl friend, although I have plenty of respect for your club this is the attitude of a club who has given up and accepted becoming a "fallen giant", never making promotion pushes, never in contention to return to the top flight. We cannot allow ourselves to feel this complacency. Complacency is what sent us down in the first place. Respect my friend, however we have been on a re-building programme for ten years, not from the fact of giving up and accepting demotion, but through the fact of being ran by some w@@ker who then became the premier league chairman, then by a w@@k
  7. God there are some seriously stressed people on here ! Good game to get to for you guys and I agree that it is a game for the kids. There is a great boat on the Nene to go drinking on and you should get about 3/4 k tickets. Thats what the Wednesday allocation was. Wednesday fans had to get tickets in their end as we sold out and there was bother, so heads up to be just aware incase anyone was thinking of doing the same. Enjoy and just chill. You have made a respectable start under the cirumstances and just enjoy life in the fizzy pop league. Being in the Prem is W@@k and boring IMO
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