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  1. Sky reckon we're back in for Gomis this morning
  2. Stoke are a horrible footballing team. An goal before half time and we could hump them second half
  3. That's how you play away in Europe. Would of taken that before the game. Thought Mbwia and Haidaira were excellent. And is that the same Perch we signed from Forest? Absolute rock tonight
  4. Always thought Huddlestone at Spurs was a cracking player but he's missed a lot of football through injury over the last few years
  5. Newcastle manager Alan Pardew is anticipating very little action today, both in and out of the club. He said: "I am hoping business is done. We have kept our main players. I don't think we will bring anyone in or anyone will go out. But you never know at this football club."
  6. Taylor looked in agony at the game last night, he's not the type of lad to roll around and be banging the turf if it wasn't serious. Think he knew he'd done himself a proper mischief. As for today, hijack the Berbatov deal as forward cover, bring in a right back and back up centre back. Easy as that........ P.S I can see none of the above happening
  7. That's the problem though, his end product is woeful. He won plenty of corners and throws and alleviated pressure, but of we'd of had a more capable right sided player in the first half we would of been out of sight by the break. Also not sure how true this is but heard a lad sat behind me say we'd not scored from a corner since Wolves away last season. That's shocking if true
  8. Gosling and Obertan shouldn't be anywhere near the team. Hopefully money will be spent tomorrow with Perchino and Taylor both looking crocked
  9. I can see 30k being there. It's only 15 quid a ticket. There weren't massive blocks of empty seats on the stadium plan when I was booking last night. Hope it's a cracking atmosphere as I'm dragging along a neutral and a Man Utd fan with me
  10. Got my tickets for tomorrow, will be the first time I've managed to get up to a game since we beat Everton and R.Taylor scored that peach of a goal. Hoping for something as equally special tomorrow
  11. I think Carroll is the most likely to come in out of those we've been linked with, mainly due to Liverpool not wanting him sat warming a bench until January and they need to shift him for other targets to come in. Any other signings would and should of been made weeks ago. Never understand this last minute rush every season
  12. Pardew just said we wont be bringing Carroll back this window
  13. Any chance of cash turnstiles on Thursday night? I won't know if I can make the game until mid afternoon Thursday
  14. Arsenal have all the cutting edge of a pair of safety scissors. We also dodged a huge bullet with Gervinho. The guy is shocking
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