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  1. The gameplan is basically everyone stand stll in attack, while whichever fucker gets within 50 yards takes a shot.
  2. Im past caring now, take off Hatem, Mbiwa and Sammy.Send in Joey, Alan Smith and Kevin Nolan and fuck them up.
  3. I can't believe how petulant todays footballers are, its a friendly you twats.
  4. Struggling a bit with the time difference over here, is this starting in 15 mins or later?
  5. Would really like to see him infront of Tiote and Cabaye in a 433, with Ben Arfa on his right and a new bought winger on the left. That new winger needs to be pacy, explosive and creative though, And i have no faith in JFK and co to spend enough dosh on one that is good enough. With Jonas on the left we will rely on Ben Arfa way too much to create again. Marveaux I don't have faith in to last 90 mins. Gouffran I don't really see as creative enough either, but he is the best choice for the left wing/striker spot. We could actually have a very good first 11 if we bought a top notch winger. And I wouldnt mind taking this fellow off for Marveaux for the last 30.
  6. Adam Campbell coming out of the tunnel drinking a red bull?
  7. On a brighter note, at least he will be suspended for Norwich.
  8. It's funny how we have a bunch of kids on, and yet Shola manages to look like the worst player on the field.
  9. He has been wearing that jacket for his whole life the cheap bastard, serves him right the zipper malfunctions.
  10. The problem with Simpson is he gets about 10 good opportunities to hurt the opposition every match and yet never does. The improvement we could have with an actual good attacking full-back would be massive.
  11. I think Cisse has been great on the left this game. Was about to say HBA has been disappointing and then he does that. Delightful to see Enrique turned. And Cabaye has been very good. We have a good passing team today.
  12. Ill take that yellow any day Perchie, good job.
  13. We are so shit at set-pieces. Been done at it again, not buying a centre half to replace Williamson is costing us every game. Sort that out and this would still be even. Typical Tiote yellow, whilst the card was predictable, i dont see whats wrong with shouting around the air like an adrenaline filled gorilla. Rooney got off telling the ref to fuck off last time, whilst cabaye bounced the ball hard and got a yellow.
  14. Cant wait for this, starts at 1 in the morning here, getting up at 6 so its all good
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