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  1. Stone just asked Pardew what they should do. Pardew gave him a "Fucked if I know" look
  2. Shooting the messenger never solved anything chaps and whats this about 2009!!!! Both articles are published within the last hour by the Mirror? I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that the title may be a bit off. No need to shoot the messenger...
  3. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/video?video=c...420&cc=5901 Barton and Nolan post match. The brief "Are you stupid?" look Barton gave the interviewer was brilliant
  4. "arse" Showing my North American-ness right there
  5. Williamson 8/8 Barton's corners were great. All right into the danger area, and the vast majority to a Newcastle player. Always been a bugbear of mine since the Robson days our poor corners, wasted on hitting the first man. Sad but true. Milner always used to hit the first man on corners. Actually, I'm pretty sure thats all I've seen him do this year as well
  6. Harry Harris is one of the reasons I've stopped going to Soccernet. The man just pulls stories out of his ass, washes them off and claims it to be a bonafide truth. However, I can see Shepherd trying to pull this off.
  7. Seedorf needs to visit the glue factory
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