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  1. Barton Fink is my fav Coen brothers film. One of my fav films of all the time.
  2. The tv companies don't give a fuck about the travelling fans. Quarter to one kick off for Bournemouth away man for fucks sake
  3. Did you not go down the FA cup game like mate in 92? Ha ha. Your right about away games. Nee fucker would go if it was just for the football.
  4. Alreet lads? Haven't been on here for ages. Anyone going down for the match? I'm setting off tomorrow from the toon.
  5. I'm going down Cardiff. Should be a canny weekend. Lets hope we can get a result.
  6. Don't think there is any FIFA directive. The Mackems, west brom n stoke have stripes on the back. I just think you can't have the same colour numbers as the stripes. Red numbers look class with black n white. Blue or gold would do just as long as we had stripes on the back again.
  7. How hard is it to have stripes on the back with a red number? Hate these fucking patches will have every bastard season now. Looks shit.
  8. I gonna go see ' A field in England' this weekend I think. I liked the directors other films 'kill list n sightseers'
  9. Spike Island. Enjoyed it. Class tunes if you like the Stone Roses.8/10
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