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  1. You live in COventry yet support Blackburn? Lets guess you see every game.............. on MOTD. Cunt! Fuck off you southern prick. Admitting you have never been yet slating the place
  2. So shit we occupy 6th in the League :icon_lol: :icon_lol: ooo I fucking love jealousy you small time cunts!
  3. Embarrasing & pathetic. A newly promoted side writing off someone who won the Champions League ;ast year and played almost every game for Mourinho who paid 16 million Euros for him. Aye you must know more than Jose you thick ignorant mag twat. And you wonder why the rest of the country think you lot are twats!
  4. http://www.readytogo.net/smb/member.php?u=20536 I do
  5. What a clever post. Does your carer know you post on here?
  6. take away his penalty against City we still would have gotten 1 point so that is 3 points that he has won us. 1 third of our points against the top 6. This must be killing you lot watching us sign two world class players in one afternoon. I'm off now to drink to our 2011/2012 European tour
  7. Oh dear Darren Bent didn't play in our 3-0 win at Chelsea or our 1-1 draw at Spurs. Well done on showing yourself up there you fucking spacker
  8. Anyone got the time? My watch is stuck at 5 past Newca5t1e
  9. Have they given youz the full Stand this time? I remember my mate saying they refused to give youz the upper tier last time you played there
  10. Thats what I like to hear. As for the give and take, I spent 90 minutes in St James' Park watching 'that game' so I think it's safe to say i've "taken it"
  11. Does anybody by the name of "Strawberry" reside over there?
  12. Ok i'll level with you lot... As you probably know I am a resident of RTG and recently we have had a complete and utter twat called "The Strawberry" who has made a big thing of coming on our board mouthing off every time you lot won or we lost and then went into hiding when we won or you lost. Hence me coming over here as this is the main Newcastle forum (?) to attempt the same. Now that I have emulated him and realised he can't be having much fun at all as the reaction is the same as the one I have received here, I shall stop the 'wind up' Thanks for having me
  13. Last minute winner compared to 90 minutes of sheer dominance. Aye thats the same
  14. Aye. Mackems will tell you we played Chelsea reserves and they played the first team, but the fact is the team they played on Sunday included 7 players that played against us.... Ferreira Ramires Zhirkov Kakuta McEachran Anelka Kalou and as you say, of the players Chelsea didn't put out against them....we scored one more against Terry and Alex (....and Benayoun who's hardly a young un). :( Kakuta, McEachran and Kalou came on near the end of the game. For fuck sake we were without Darren Bent and still managed to score 3 goals. The bitterness on here is unbelievabl
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