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  1. You're really quiet stupid, aren't you? let the facts speak for themselves........
  2. You're really quiet stupid, aren't you? to the fish ...avoid the fish Quay ....you might get filleted
  3. You're really quiet stupid, aren't you? to the fish...go and get filleted
  4. punching a person in the face ? what's that all about ....its not moving the beautiful game forward....even though it satisfies your anxieties
  5. man utd fans are gutted.....http://www.redcafe.net/f6/goodbye-john-oshea-334842/
  6. Good point about a youth policy.....however experience is essential ...even if it were for only one season...
  7. Looks like sunderland are signing O'shea and Brown ...from Man Utd.....they are looking to knock our transfer policy into a cocked hat....
  8. I was at that game and ...looking at this objectively ....sunderland really deserved a point ..and now we've lost Carroll it looks like they have seized the initiative ...and thats disappointing....
  9. That's brilliant They're all brilliant I don't suppose someone could knock up a pic of Stokoe dancing the May pole, or, even better, as a MORRIS MAN!! the vietnam shot is sick sick sick
  10. toon were really lucky to get a point today after the deserved equalizer from Gyan they were well motivated and we were only saved by the whistle...
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