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  1. aye rangers are on early doors so I am hoping I will get it. Problem is not many places that are remote will pay for the licenses for things like ESPN but hopefully it will be on somewhere. Will just get up early and scout out somewhere to view it!
  2. p.s they used to show them in Brewers but dont seem to anymore!
  3. Hey guys I am up in Berwick this weekend but last time I was there I could not find anywhere at all which showed English football. All the pubs had scottish or nowt. Does anyone know where I will be able to watch the game against Tottenham on Saturday Evening. I will have to drive further afield if they are not gonna show it anywhere!
  4. anyone know if a highlight show is on anywhere tonight?
  5. Tad harsh on mort here, he never jumped ship he said from day one it was a year sabbatical from his actual job and nothing more!
  6. Me too. Fouls all the time, complains about it an in general is just incredibly awkward. He's a pretty decent player who developed late in his career but having him in your side is conducive to ugly long ball play. We will never buy him due to a combination of price age and wages, all three being out of our parameters. However, I disagree with the long ball theory. Crouch is one of the few big strikers who actually can play the ball at his feet and teams do not rely on his height as he is pretty shite in the air!
  7. Paul Dummet our reserve left back has been flown out to the US for our last game on nufc.co.uk. Ominous!
  8. The club have confirmed via official twitter not a serious injury which is a huge reliefe, not sure how long that means he will be out ming, hopefully swelling will go down and he can get some fitness work done asap!
  9. That could be done for a nominal fee as a registration scheme. This is outright opportunism. I agree with both of the above comments, at the end of the day though, some clubds require membership as a minimum to buy away tickets anyway and I can see why. I was at the darlo game and it was a fucking embarrasment, however, living in darlington I would argue half the scum bags in the newcastle end who ran on were from the council estate (probs the worst one in the town) right behind the stadium and nowt to do with our club. NUFC shot themselves in the foot by selling away tickets on the door t
  10. Scrap that, target the population (not all, but those who are guilty of it). Because from what I have seen and heard, the Scottish hate us English so much, yet I have no clue where it comes from because in general it isn't reciprocated. "An inferiority complex, in the fields of psychology and psychoanalysis, is a feeling that one is inferior to others in some way. Such feelings can arise from an imagined or actual inferiority in the afflicted person. It is often subconscious, and is thought to drive afflicted individuals to overcompensate, resulting either in spectacular achievement or ex
  11. it was never on according to the boss of corinthians, city rejected their first bid and then claimed a price had been agreed when actually theyd just declared a price to corinthians that they didnt want to/couldnt pay citys way of dealing has annoyed me this window, theyve got CL football and more money than anyone else and theyre still trying all the sly cunt tapping players up in papers and lying agreed, it seems obvious that they decided to say corinthians had a bid accepted so any other interested clubs would pipe up, ask how much, you tell them the price you want and boom you have
  12. also sometimes foreigners are expected to come in and immediately do the business and when they don't they get stick and ultimately get farmed out. Look at two loan strikers we have had, neither of which have been a succes with us but been a succes elsewhere in Saha and Rossi (I understand Rossi has not shown it in the EPL but I would like ot find someone who would argue he would fail in this league) We have been screwed over by quite a few mind as was pointed out before, Distin, Bassong etc very good players who pissed off for better wages (can't blame them i suppose as no affiliation to
  13. Agreed... Nothing better than when football show's you something you've not seen done before... Remember replaying it at the time to see what it was he'd actually done... *ahem* He even confuses the shit out of the camera man lol
  14. If he heads over the channel I would assume it paves the way for Erdinc to move this way if we are still pursuing him! Taarabt intrigued by PSG QPR playmaker could be tempted by move to Ligue 1 giants By Patrick Haond. Last Updated: July 19, 2011 11:01am . Taarabt: The subject of a big-money bid from PSG ....Adel Taarabt admits the arrival of Qatari investors at Paris St Germain has made the club all the more appealing. The Queens Park Rangers playmaker is reported to be a top target for the Ligue 1 outfit as they look to put their new-found wealth to good use. Skys
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