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  1. Marling. She's brilliant - if you like folk sung by gorgeous Ice Queens...which I do.
  2. Don't fancy the elephants chances with those Okie gun crowd types
  3. Especially if they are Homo Sapiens (W. Capitalist sub-species)
  4. My Mother sez: My Dad sez: My workmates sez: My Mrs wishes: I think:
  5. Hence your name? 14207[/snapback] Bingo. Though I've always been a bit, how you say, 14264[/snapback] I remember you, arent you the one who had the excellent Dylan Moran in your avatar photo? 14268[/snapback] There you go.
  6. Hence your name? 14207[/snapback] Bingo. Though I've always been a bit, how you say,
  7. I have two boys - five and three.
  8. That's pretty much me. We used to live on the 11th floor of a block flats and during one particular spell of high winds I was sat watching TV when I noticed that my knees, and ergo, the building were swaying ever so slightly.
  9. Mr Misery


    Gewurztraminer (white, hint of lychees) is good for Chinese food. And also lighter Thai food.
  10. Mr Misery


    Once opened I tend to drink the whole bottle but if you insist on eeking out your entertainment I would just stick the cork back in upside down and leave the red wine on the side and the white in the fridge. Don't leave either for more than one night. Red wine is often drunk too warm and white too cold. However, if you buy a bottle of white you do not like simply cool it to within an inch of its life and then drink - it will be relatively tasteless as the tasting chemicals are more active at higher temperatures. Now imagine I said all of that in the voice of Brian Sewell.
  11. Mr Misery


    The rough logic behind this being that there are substantial fixed costs associated with wine production that do not vary dramatically whether you are drinking a 2 or 10 quid bottle of wine. i.e a £2.99 and a £10 bottle of wine might both cost about £1.50 to produce. So if you spend a bit more you get better value for money.
  12. 2 100m in last 30 years hardly a tradition is it One of those was Alan Wells at Moscow when the Yanks weren't there - also the slowest 100m final ever 10.11 or something. 400m - yeah fair enough but it was still at the margins : minor individual medals; team golds. Its all quite small margins though isn't it - Swedes get 3 golds whoopee do its (understandibly given population/the sports stature) not that much is it compared to US/Russia (where they are picked out an early age and groomed - just look at how good they are at tennis for similar reason).
  13. "Sweden, for example, had an athletics squad of just 16 - but produced three gold medals, for Carolina Kluft, Stefan Holm and Christian Olsson." Holm - high jumper: technical event/rich country; long tradition in Sweden/tall guy Olsson - triple jumper technical event/rich country; minor event/tall guy Kluft - heptahlon technical event/rich country; minor event
  14. We may disagree over Paula but I'm with Rob on this one. I think its a combination of: Less athletics/sport in general in schools. Most kids give up sport after school. US domination of sprints via scholarships for African Americans. African domination of middle & long distances due to genetic advantage - highlands of Kenya/Eithiopia produce stunning natural athletes with perfect ratios of legs to torso. And they are hungry for it. And the success of both the US and Kenya/Eithiopia breeds future success. We were never that good anyway. More and more nations now competing. UK
  15. The only other UK athlete to make the qualifying time K Butler did not finish so I reckon this point is moot.
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