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  1. always thought it was a volleyball its me avatar on another forum...got to mix it up
  2. probably get boo'd each time he touches the ball....i wont be joining ing in like ideally he wont be playing
  3. as much as i dont like it, think we just need to accept he's gone...most likely the bindippers as well seen as milan apparently already have a deal to bring in taiwo..so cant see them wanting jose anymore. i was hoping if he left, it would be for them
  4. Not in the slightest and I thought my OP made it clear that wasnt the case. What Im saying is that one persons butter is another mans shit. It shouldnt be down to the fans to find their place and definitely not at the expense of other fans. This is my whole reasoning for the thread in the first place, do we seriously think the club didnt realise there'd be this problem when they did the change? Of course they did, theyre stupid but not that stupid. They knew exactly what would happen and if they wanted to have a singing section then they would have kept it where it was or moved it before
  5. heard one of ours is going to be black and gold be interesting
  6. mackems average is less than 40k ... not that it matters, sell out and they cant even create a derby atmosphere....sad state of affairs
  7. Level 4 http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/newcastle-u...72703-28140573/
  8. says in todays journal he could be back by fulham so someone's talking poo
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