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  1. Alan Pardew - Poltroon sacked by West Brom

    Reckon Colo has a big say in the team anyway. Hopefully we will start seeing a team that will take the game to the opponents now as opposed to counterattacking hit and hope football
  2. Fulham vs. Newcastle

    Pardew has set us up as a counter attacking team, hence why we do ok on the road and lose winable games at home. If Fulham make us attack we'll fuck it up, lose and look utter dribble. As they are desperate, they won't and it will suit us nicely. We'll wini, similar to the hull game but not as convincing as Remy is out.
  3. Hull City vs Newcastle

    De Jong was on course for getting his first for the club (3rd goal) til sissoko nipped in front of him. Still cracking result. Away games suit pardew's style of counter-attacking football, Was a good watch, could of been more.
  4. Newcastle vs Aston Villa

    Has pardew shifted cissé to right mid? If you were going to change the formation surely Remy would go out wide as he did earlier in the season (where he scored most of his goals)...what the actual fuck
  5. Newcastle vs Aston Villa

    I cannot believe niall quinn is commentating on this. What a cunt
  6. Alan Pardew - Poltroon sacked by West Brom

    With us being in purgatory for the rest of the season, now would be the ideal time to kick this guy to the curb, give a new manager time to bed in. If I was as inept at my job as he is, I would've got the boot a long time ago. Reckon he basis his team selection on how hot the players' wife/missus is. Mbiwa must have a right dog to be behind Stevie fistpumps.
  7. Newcastle Vs Tottenham

    To be fair the only goal that applies to is the second from Williamson.
  8. Newcastle Vs Tottenham

    Hat trick of assists for krul. Impressive.
  9. Newcastle Vs Tottenham

    Last goal was a cabaye free kick at west ham if I remember correctly
  10. Newcastle Vs Tottenham

    If krul single handedly won us the game at white hart lane, he's single handedly thrown this one away
  11. Chelsea FC v Newcastle FC

    This...he's looked decent the past couple appearances
  12. Luuk De Jong

    Agreed, but I like the look of him.
  13. Luuk De Jong

    Thought he looked good under the circumstances. Would be a good foil for the likes of Remy.
  14. Newcastle United vs Sunderland Match Thread

    Anyone reckon we should give gouffy a go up front (if fit) our midfield looked good Tuesday, no need to tinker it (barring injuries). He is second top scorer CURRENTLY at the club and that's from left mid.
  15. Clement Grenier

    Words don't seem to mean much to this kid...gonna fit right in with Joe. Still, boy looks as though he knows how to play the game quite well. IF we manage to get him and then cabella in July, we will have a hell of a midfield to choose from. Shame they'll have no one to pass to.

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