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  1. PLANS to put Merseyside’s rubbish mountain on a “waste train” to transport it to the north east for burning were officially submitted. Recycling and waste management firm SITA wants to run a rail waste transfer station at Knowsley Industrial Estate, in Kirkby. It is one of two companies bidding to secure a 30-year contract to treat Merseyside and Halton’s unrecyclable waste to avoid it ending up in landfill. Covanta, the other company in the running, plans to burn waste at a facility in Ince Marsh, Helsby, Cheshire. Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority has struggled to find any
  2. Dafydd


    What the fuck scouse gypo what a load of fucking bollocks.
  3. Perfect skol super thread! If this shit was on the Liverpool FC forum it would of been deleted. Sick fucking twats. No wonder Gazza is so fucked up. This site will be shut down if you keep on acting like sick twats. Mind you I think the alcohol miss use needs sorting out first. Sort it out for fuck sake if you want 5% of the hits the Liverpool FC forum gets.
  4. My message to the people is stay calm, stay indoors, drink loads of tea and bang the local radio on to keep update with events. Let the police do their job.
  5. Need to bring out the new call of duty to get the twats of the street. They all got playstations from comet now.
  6. I like the show but to much is staged. The stig is someone different every show and Clarkson only charged the Nissan Electric car 50% to make it look bad. Now Nissan are suing the fuck out of them. Fucking English TV is getting like US TV FFS.
  7. Toon boss Alan Pardew fears Newcastle United may be forced to start a season without a recognised idiot in the side for the first time in decades. “Losing a Grade A fruitcake like Joey Barton so close to the big Premier League kick off is a massive blow,” said Pardew, “and a first for the club in recent years. “So much of our preparation has been around employing a moron like Barton to shaft our chances left, right and centre, now all that hard work has been undone.” The St James’s Park outfit has relied on a steady stream of cretins in the team to derail any hopes of silverware si
  8. Still looks a bit sprained but got no pain fuckface Tom no need to ban me dont come on here anymore. Only when headlines happen in Newcastle you will see me like Barton leaving for nothing and that nutter Moat going beserk.
  9. No need to ban dont really come on this site no more. To busy to tell you the truth and the little time I have on the net I use wisely.
  10. Stayed of this forum lately because the forum is full of piss heads and drug users. Also mods dont do their job. Me staying of this site has been the right decision. Come back and me thread about Joey Barton going on big brother got deleted. Yet mods leave posts on here that are highly offensive border line illegal. I think the mods are high on skol super.
  11. Joey Barton free to enter Celebrity Big Brother house Newcastle United footballer Joey Barton has used Twitter to talk his way out of St James’s Park, leaving him free to move into the Celebrity Big Brother house. The £70,000-a-week midfielder has been outspoken in his criticism of Newcastle’s board of directors in a bid to secure a long-overdue debut as a reality TV star. Part-time philosopher and ankle surgeon Barton will now head a strong line up of celebrities no-one has heard of – including a large-breasted blonde woman – for the first series of Big Brother to be aired on Chan
  12. This is good news for Liverpool. We got to many midfielders. Big Ash can have Poulson on the cheap.
  13. I think coming back to the UK pissed me off. Been on holiday (Cyprus) and come back to this shit on the internet. Maybe I'll change me forums after coming back on holiday. People on here tend to piss you off. (Got woke up by a explosion in Cyprus by the way still didn't piss me off as cunts on here)
  14. Fucking geordies the disgrace of the English economy. Why dont you twats produce anything that pay the country? Fucking byker grove and some black dude from black eyed peas sticking his dick up Miss Cole dont help. Fair enough Ant and Dec pay good taxes but they not legends of the beatles hey lads? Cant say much for your football team as well. Won fuck all and no one know anything about yous. GET A FUCKING GRIP LADS THIS IS A NEWCASTLE SITE NOT A FUCKING SCOUSE SITE. At least we can be proud of our city. Go and a wank over sting lads!! Me yankee mate said who the fuck is he by the way.
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