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  1. Ashley and Llambias have no intention of keeping him, and will accept anything above £10 million.
  2. www.twitter.com/utdfornewcastle
  3. This is by no means a single issue pressure group, this is something that we think somebody should be doing something about and have taken it upon ourselves to do so. Our primary goal is to improve communication between the club and the supporters.
  4. Shouldn't Enrique be one of those players you listed? Much more important player than Gutierrez imo.
  5. Yes, that was from our first meeting. For those who hadn't seen it before.
  6. We gleaned the following points from our first meeting: - The club has guaranteed us they will, at very least, look into relocating the singing section in another part of the stadium, likely Leazes but they'll look at the entire situation. - The increased away tickets are indeed due to having to comply with Premier League regulations, the minimum they can offer being 3,000. The reason the maximum away capacity is now 4,000 is simply for evening matches where it's on TV, and they feel they won't sell the stadium out, so they can offer more to away fans and hopefully make more money. In g
  7. It's the club that have created this problem, and it should be there obligation to resolve it.
  8. You sound like Steve. I completely agree though.
  9. Interested to hear more about this bit like. Fire away. I thought I had? Im interested to know whats meant by that statement, are you seeing U4N as becoming the supporters club/ voice of the fans? or am I reading it wrong? and yes, on twitter I am pjwhitfield Correct. We don't want to be considered to be a middle-man between the club and supporters, but we feel that we can be a forum for issues amongst the fans which we can then take to the club, which is what we did in our last meeting with Simon Esland. Though the aim of that meeting was first and foremost t
  10. Think I followed you, but you didn't follow me. So fuck ye What's your Twitter id?
  11. www.twitter.com/utdfornewcastle
  12. Interested to hear more about this bit like. Fire away.
  13. Hi guys, As a co-founder of United For Newcastle, I'd like to introduce ourselves on here, if you don't mind. Following the sacking of Chris Hughton we took it upon themselves to organise a peaceful protest outside St James' Park. Following regional and national media coverage, word spread fast of the protest which by in large was a success - as it gave fans the opportunity to peacefully vent some of their frustration and anger towards Mike Ashley in an entirely non-violent way. Since the turn of the year, we have tried to developed what was a protest group into the upcoming suppor
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