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  1. I bought an iPad and found all I was doing was reading on it. So I bought a kindle and flogged the iPad. Sorted. http://needfulthingzs.org/td/index.php?& Good source.
  2. Ironclad. The magnificent Seven meets Mediaeval England. Canny.
  3. So i think the original poster has an answer. Dont hire a photographer and get as many friends as you can to take photos of you and the missus. There will be a fair few are acceptable. Alternatively, we could all come along and get some photo's for you!
  4. Would have been a great informal shot but for the bubbles. Sadly, a lot of people want this kind of thing.
  5. Just a personal thing but I do not like cheesy smiles at the camera. Much more character in shots where they are unaware of the shot. BTW, the wedding cost a fortune. and she had a great time.
  6. Informal shot of Bride hitting the bottle.
  7. How much would you charge, Haz, and, more importantly, do you have the required letters after your name? Since I was a new starter I would usually charge around the £200 -300 mark, depending on what was required. I dont have letters after my name, a gifted semi pro/ amateur photographer, providing he has the right equipment can do an excellent job. I was constantly amazed at what people will generally call a decent/good photograph. But i did find the clamour for black & white was steadily growing, which is nice as I find them more atmospheric.
  8. I buy a lot of stuff abroad on eBay and never paid anything more than the price on the tin.
  9. I used to do those cheesy shots because thats what people asked for. Then I concentrated on getting the formal 'group' shots and spent the rest of the time taking informal head shots of people talking to one another. This made the bulk of the shots reminding the couple of the festivities. One good thing was I was often offered a meal and frequent drinks (I also used to cover the evening proceedings) So by the time the wedding was over, I usually felt no pain at all.
  10. I used to do Wedding photography but eventually gave it up. Its quite stressful knowing you only have one shot at getting an important occasion just right. My son used to assist me and he was excellent in shepherding people where they need to be. I fell out with one bride because she thought she was getting mucked about. I said, give it a year and then look back at the photos and she has since said, yep you were right - it was worth the effort. I used to do prints, a CD of all the photos (not copyrighted) and a video slideshow of the photos. Albums suck.
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