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  1. The Walking Dead

    been watching it since the begining been hooked on it.
  2. Battlefield 1

    must say bf1 is brilliant so realistic better than cod.
  3. Gonna fucking murder every mackem twat head that lives fucking cunterheads
  4. ****WHO'S DEPRESSED?*****

    i can sense villa scumberland shit holes and us to go down with norwich just surviving.
  5. The Adam Johnson PS Register

    knew it wouldnt take long for you lot to bash him though he deserves it like the sick fucker
  6. RVI Newcastle

    the hospital me and me mother got lost in when i had to go there to get checked out
  7. US election 2016

    america is fucked if trump takes over my god
  8. just got a ps4

    im on bops 3 at the moment but i am lacking in games but some are ridiculous in price some are 46 quid which is a rip off.
  9. just got a ps4

    i got 12 months plus to so im hoping the free games will be good to.
  10. What's your drinking nationality?

    none cause i dont drink lol
  11. just got a ps4

    dont have it lol
  12. just got a ps4

    just thought id let you crazy guys know i got a ps4 from my brother if anyones wondering, got a 1tb model with black ops 3 included though my game collection is lacking.

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