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  1. I guess not if I'm getting tennis and no Villa games on any of the 12 BeIN channels.... I'll keep looking!
  2. No its not. I have checked all the BeIN channels too... There's Tennis on BeIN 9
  3. Playing a reserves match less then two months after that surgery is far too soon. Maybe it was his choice but I can tell you now that would have hurt and the club shouldn't have allowed it. Then moving him out on loan to Norwich when he was clearly unfit and needed recovery time (more so especially being a footballer)....are there not supposed to be medicals when joining a different club? The club clearly knew about this surgery and procedure and it feels to me as if they rushed him back even if it was on loan. Jonas would have been told about the chances of the cancer returning. He could have chosen a 3 week chemo course in December to reduce the chances to 1 or 2% but it would have sidelined him for months. I can understand the risk he took to get back playing as soon as possible in the hopes it wouldn't return. I had a 50/50 chance so i took the chemo. Yes, it did ruin my career. My bosses were arsholes too.
  4. I'm in bemusement about this and how the club have handled it. I have had this exact surgery and chemo, 2 years ago to this very day in fact I had the surgery. There is no way you can have the surgery in October and be back playing a reserve match in December and be fully fit with 100% mobility. Its an incredibly sore procedure and it takes many months for the cut muscles to heal (assuming he had a radical removal and not the simple procedure). Then how did he ever pass a medical at Norwich? It just doesn't make sense. 2 years on and I'm still sore down there (ok, mainly around the scar area) but the muscles took over 6 months to a year feel normal. I wish him all the best. The chemo for testicular cancer is very intensive and I know how he feels. Stay strong fella.
  5. Daily Mail now linking him to Arsenal. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2561902/Arsene-Wenger-targets-Loic-Remy-Gunners-aim-shoot-Newcastles-bid-striker.html
  6. I can't find a river! Any PM's would be appreciated.
  7. BT Sports put up a pass completion with about 15 mins remaining and we were 100 passes better then Man U. I have never seen that from an away team at Old Trafford and I'd love to see the final stats on that. We were awesome and I can only applaud Pardew and the lads. Swansea was a harsh result but we still didn't deserve a win there but today, it was totally deserved. Just hope Spurs slip up and at least one other above us.
  8. What do you think the reason is that he doesn't even get a sniff at the French squad is? Previous fall outs or his inconsistency? (or both?)
  9. I can't say I agree with with this. As much as I like the lad, he can be equally shite as he is genius. So we build a team around his own inconsistencies? He needs to learn to adapt to team work and his own consistency before we build a team around him. Its almost each time he plays, he expects to score goals as he did against Blackburn and Bolton. In an ideal world, I'd love to see him do that but in a realistic world, I'd rather see him make an obvious pass and track back better, along with his dribbling ability and goals. I want nothing more then to see him improve with us as he has something that is magical when he is in the mood.
  10. This. I hate this fixture (away more so) because of the way we always give Liverpool way too much respect and roll over and have our bellies tickled by them. Nothing but a mullering here for me with typical embarrassing defending.
  11. Glad someone else spotted that. Ben Arfa quality on both assists.
  12. 245 mins into the season and fuck all goals (or barely any on target in fact) to show for it! Ah, bless them....maybe we should pay them more....
  13. No, i don't think he will. Now he plays for Nigeria, he will lie about his age and now he is only 22.
  14. Did anyone honestly think this game would be any different to how its panned out already?! Erm.....no! I thought I'd give it a chance but I've seen what I expected so i'm off to the lass to get laid.
  15. I'm just going to reignite this topic as I was slammed for posting it late last year. I'm at the point where i just don't care anymore but interested to know what you think of Pardew's latest excuses as to the performances. I've heard some interviews and its just baffling to me. He never blames himself.
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