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  1. R.I.P to your grandfather mate.
  2. celtic, we beat you in the final of the intercontinental cup in 1967 that's true sir. Although I am not old enough to remember the game, the stories iv read and heard don't paint racing in a great light but iv only ever read and heard stories from Celtic minded people
  3. I must say then mate the pair of them sound like complete and utter idiots. If it ever got brought up and the FAI and IFA fancied a 1 national team the same as the rugby then i don't think it would be a terrible idea but would that then mean both organisations would merge and create 1 league body? It's far far to complicated for me to get my head round.
  4. Real Name: Kevin Age: 26 Birthplace: Glasgow Job: unemployed printer Favourite Club: Celtic Favourite Band: oasis Favourite Food: Chinese takeaway Favourite Drink: tea Favourite Place: las Vegas Favourite Tv Show(s): scrubs, the office (American) Favourite Film: couldn't possibly choose a favourite Footballing Heroes: Paul mcstay, Henrik Larson, Neil Lennon Other Sports: snooker, darts, rugby union
  5. Good free kick from kolorov to make it 1-1 in the man city game. Also the commentator has just said that kolorov has been playing with a broken nose.
  6. Seem to be sustaining a lot of pressure lads I hope yees can keep it up and even get a wee breakaway goal or 2
  7. It's went from bad to worse now, 0-1 liverpool.
  8. no point in getting wenger for the post match interview now cause any questions about frimpong will be met with "I didn't see the incident".
  9. Good win today guys, a potentially hard 2 games at the start of the season and yees have took 4 points that's not bad at all
  10. I'd pack European football in this season for Celtic and concentrate solely on the league. Europe is a good distraction when yer doin well in the league but failing to win it 3 years in a row is not on.
  11. maybe a few years ago mate but these days we are struggling with the Europa league never mind the champions league.
  12. you seem like my type of guy Jon Are you saying you fancy me? maybe but only if your goony be the catcher n il be the batter
  13. you seem like my type of guy Jon
  14. Does this mean fabregas has won as many trophies playing for 20 mins for barca than playing 8 years for arsenal?
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