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  1. I’ve watched the Leeds goal over and over again and I still cannot work out what TOT’s intentions were from the time Leeds starting moving the ball from left to right.The end result was predictable however,marking no one and looking dazed and confused ( canny  Led Zep track).
    As for BUJ7’s  sitter,did anyone really expect any other outcome.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Tom said:

    This club and man exudes pure misery. It’s just so pointless. 


    He hopes he can keep us ticking along ( second from bottom ).I suppose we are where we are .You would think the penny will finally drop with Ashley after that rallying call to the fans and players.Is this his last pre-match presser as a Premier League manager? 

  3. 1 hour ago, ewerk said:

    He may as well said deluded Geordies.



    Is he saying  anyone who hasn’t been at a club for a few years ( him for one) don’t want us to do well? Not for the first time he’s brought up Shearer’s name and we know why.He’s probably the only mate he’s got in the media that’s criticised him.

  4. Spent roughly the same if you take out the £40m we paid for BUJ7,who wasn’t signed by Brucey.Aye,but BUJ7 has been involved in just about every game since he arrived so you have to include his transfer in some way.So if we’d signed Harry Harry-Kane and not BUJ7 and we’d finished top 6 in our two seasons under Brucey,he wouldn’t be taken into account if we were looking into Brucey’s management ability,and Brucey’s signings.

    I’ve never heard any Newcastle fan say Brucey’s the worst manager in the league and that they’d like Potter to be his replacement.

  5. 8 hours ago, wykikitoon said:

    Last two times we either had a core of a decent squad that stayed or we had a world class manager. 


    This time also I don't see Ashely having the appetite to invest. He will gamble again on some bent cunt like Warnock. 


    When we go down we will lose ASM, Almiron, Dubs, willock etc and be left with Shelvey, Big Joe etc. 

    BUJ7 won’t reach double figures if he’s our main striker in the Championship.The Longstaff brothers will be our two holding midfield players .Shelvey will look even more disinterested.Nee chance of bouncing back at the first attempt.

  6. 11 hours ago, Howmanheyman said:

    There's always a clause, an issue or something otherwise we wouldn't get them in the first place.

    I cannot disagree.We can only guess that our Brazilian has to play some part in no less than 75% of Premier League games every season,when fit.A 100% record so far this season. Didn’t Brucey say we had enough strikers in the squad just prior to the start of the season? Nee Premier League quality though,if you take Wilson out the equation though.

  7. 16 minutes ago, Isegrim said:

    I think he isn’t too bothered. The last couple of relegations didn’t cause enough harm to frighten Ashley. He’ll gamble on quick promotion to keep on going until he finds a way to make a profit.

    Ashley’s a gambler.If you’ve £2b or £3b in your pocket,selling the club for £250m after relegation may well be an acceptable amount.With the shite we have in the first team squad,he must realise that there’s a very good chance we won’t bounce back at the first attempt.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Tom said:

    Aye no doubt he’ll be in the studio on Sky in a few years time complaining about our “expectations”. 

    More likely with those other two fat ,gobshite anti-NUFC fans ,Keys and Gray.In fact,would it be a surprise if Fat Bastard Sam was also invited to have a dig at our unrealistic expectations? 4 know-nowt fat bastards together.

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