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  1. On 13/06/2021 at 22:20, Kid Dynamite said:

    Washington, yes. It's on the doorstep of Sunderland. Chester is 5mins from Durham, 15mins from Sunderland and Newcastle 

    I used to have a couple of lads work for me from Chester le Street and they always said SJP was closer than the SOS and that the town is 70/30 black and white.

  2. On this day in 2018 Ed Sheeran was added to the makem’s very long hate list.

    At his gig at the Noth East’s biggest and best football stadium he said.....

    ’For the second night in a row you have been a premier league crowd which is more than can be said for that little town down the road’ 



  3. It’s quite possible that Co Durham could have a club playing in the football league next season.There are currently two from Tyne and Wear playing league football.Newcastle United and Tyne and Wear’s sunlun who are an established third tier club.

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:

    Bit harsh sacking their captain just because he tried a 30 yard effort in the last minute.

    His body language after hitting the shot basically said ‘fuck off and stay in this division you fickle makem cunts’.

  5. Less than a week ago the vast majority of makems wanted rid of Midget Johnson.Today it’s been confirmed that he’ll continue to be manager so now the vast majority are happy he’s continuing.Mammy’s Boy has clearly tried and failed to convince anyone that they’ll not be verbally or physically attacked if they take on the managers job .Not that the players are safe mind,the drink driver was spat on when leaving Joker Park with his wife and kids.

  6. 4 hours ago, The Fish said:

    Yeah, I would be surprised if we sold Wilson and ASM. 


    Wilson is 30 this year and missed 12 games with a recurring hamstring injury. 

    ASM missed 18 games with soft tissue injuries. 


    Both have 3yr+ contracts. 

    The market will be contracted this summer, and Wilson and ASM are gambles, the latter a very expensive gamble. You'd expect Wilson to be valued around £20m, ASM closer to £30m. I'd expect Ashley to demand 50% on top of that.


    Neither are good enough for the elite clubs who could possibly afford to take that gamble. Both are too expensive for anyone else, realistically. 

    Good post 👍

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