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  1. He’ll soon be bigging up BUJ7 as the first game of the new season is upon us with nee new strikers signed.
  2. I think it’s a nod and a wink for his pals in the media to come out and warn us that our seasonal unrealistic expectations will put pressure on Brucey so best to say nowt and back him 100% throughout this up and coming relegation fight.
  3. Whoever we sign,I’m still expecting BUJ7 to get over his injury/‘injury’ and start the first game of the season.
  4. That’s one way of reaching an age you think I am I suppose.
  5. CR7 BUJ7 Injured or ‘injured’
  6. Arsenal 40 games 1 goal NUFC 14 games 8 goals. He may have score a couple more for us if he hadn’t gone missing in some games.If we did sign him and he went through a lean spell,I’m not confident that he’d make up for it in other ways.
  7. Nee humour in your earlier post .Stop digging.You’re struggling lad,really struggling.
  8. New depths lad,new depths.Switch off for a month and give yourself a shake.
  9. Remember when I told you Mount……sorry Mason-Mount, was an overrated big nosed cockney bastard?
  10. Did you watch the Ukraine game on the radio?
  11. England had 4 players standing in the wall.It looks like no danish player moved to within a yard of the wall.One danish player turns and starts to move towards the goal as the ball is kicked but still not within a yard of the wall.Perfectly good goal with Prickford too far to his left so clear keeper error.
  12. Jordan Prickford.Now who disagreed with me the other day when I said he was dodgy? That’s two games running where’s he’s clearly been the worst England player.As usual,more of his long hoof’s up the pitch found opposition players,twice he hoofed it straight out of play,twice put his team mates in trouble by passing to the opposition within 25 yards from his own goal,punched one effort straight back from where it came from instead of catching the ball and as for his positioning for the Denmark goal……. Yep,quality keeper is Prickford.
  13. I haven’t watched many better centre halves than Nick The Greek.Woodgate……….🤔🤔🤔
  14. Shame you missed the Ukraine game.At work,Specsavers of ironing your makem shirt?
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