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  1. Aye,but he’s kept himself fit and been available since 1893.
  2. I’ve just had a look on rtg. We were lucky. It was never a free kick. Wolves were shit. We were shit. The ref was shit. We’re all unhappy because we won with Brucey as our manager. Sad Makem Bastards
  3. Brucey will make one change for the Everton game next Sunday.Useless Joe will start with Hendrick dropping to the bench.
  4. J Linton.Guaranteed to be available for selection for every game. You cannot knock him for that.He’s definitely nee Marcelino when it comes to ‘injuries’
  5. Plenty time for us to give away a daft free kick or two
  6. Just watched it again.Longstaff slammed the breaks on to make sure he wouldn’t be in a position to get hit.Another bastard coward
  7. Useless cowardly Linton got out the bastard way of the shot
  8. 4 v 0 home win.Back turning cowardice for two of the goals.Lascelles nowhere near the players who score for Wolves.Joe from Linton to keep his ever present league record intact.Fatty Bruce to compliment the opposition.
  9. He’s clearly being told to pick him,so Brucey picks him.
  10. Perez had his good games and quite a few good moments In league games..Joe from Linton has never had a good game in the Premier League.£40m for someone who has been shit in just about every one of his 43 Premier League games is astonishing yet still finds himself either a starter or a sub.
  11. Joelinton on the field is a problem.Brucey picking him is a problem.Brucey took the job on knowing what the problems would be,including accepting that Joelinton must be an ever present,unless injured. Fulwell End 27-3-70.
  12. When Joelinton plays he’s shit. When he comes on as sub he’s shit. How the fuck does he deserve to be on the bench ?
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