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  1. Other games 2019/2020

    Maguire’s blatant push on Ings in the box,early on..Nee mention of VAR looking into the pro-Man Utd refs decision to cheat Southampton out of a pen.
  2. mackem messageboard gold

    Just when you think things cannot get any worse for the sad makems during the 2019/20 season ,Wycombe,who were below them when the season was cut short,will be playing in the Championship next season.This means Portsmouth,the biggest team in their league by some distance,will be clear favourites to win the league next season with the makems,more than likely,coming second to them both on and off the pitch.Any idea how the DELL takeover is going on Tearside?
  3. Watford, anyone? Anyone? FFS!

    Apart from Ritchie,do any other players really ‘hurt’ after a defeat? I don’t see any other players getting upset when we concede a goal.You see the odd head lowered at the final whistle after a defeat but no really upset players.Where is the leadership from Lascelles? Where is the motivation during a game from Lascelles and the manager.
  4. Watford, anyone? Anyone? FFS!

    Tottenham at home. Brighton away. Liverpool at home. I expect no points from our last 3 games.That will leave Brucey with no wins in the last 6 games. In Rafa’s last season we finished with 45 points and -6 goal difference.We’re on 43 points and a goal difference of -16.
  5. Watford, anyone? Anyone? FFS!

    I thought Ritchie was doing ok yet he took him off.Spot on about Schar.Rose looks finished.
  6. Watford, anyone? Anyone? FFS!

    Great thinking Brucey.Move a right back who is shit at defending from his preferred side to his weaker ( more shitter ) side !!
  7. Watford, anyone? Anyone? FFS!

    Nah,not Brucey’s plan
  8. Watford, anyone? Anyone? FFS!

    The makems on rtg won’t be happy we’re getting beat .
  9. Watford, anyone? Anyone? FFS!

    Anyone seen Shelvey?
  10. Watford, anyone? Anyone? FFS!

    I agree.
  11. Watford, anyone? Anyone? FFS!

    How the fuck can you get the wrong side of your man before the ball has been thrown 10 yards?
  12. Watford, anyone? Anyone? FFS!

    Here’s Big Joe.
  13. Watford, anyone? Anyone? FFS!

    I need to watch it again but I have a feeling Ritchie slows up to ‘assist’ contact being made.Brainless behaviour whether he did or not.
  14. Other games 2019/2020

    Because it was Fernandes and because it was Man Utd.
  15. Other games 2019/2020

    Jawdan Prickford for Southampton’s goal.Ha Ha.

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