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  1. That’s the transfer budget gone then.
  2. He’ll be telling Ashley that if injuries and COVID get us relegated ,because he won’t take any blame,he’s the best man to get us back up at the first attempt.
  3. Yes there was an improvement in the second half but we still deserved to lose.If,probably when,we get beat off Everton,surely Ashley will realise he has to get rid of Brucey.
  4. Good post.The players seem to think there’s nee point in trying to win a game unless The Saint is on the pitch.
  5. He fools the media into thinking every injured player would be a first team regular.
  6. He’ll now talk his way into keeping the job for a few more games.
  7. Watch where TOT goes just prior to the strike for the second.
  8. Schar was booking for giving the daft free kick away,but you’ve got a point
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