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  1. Trippy and the makem mammy’s boy are both living at Ramside Hall in Durham.
  2. Putting ASM on the right,you would like to think,would give him a better chance to put crosses in and give other players the chance of a shot at goal.If it doesn’t work over the next two games then deffo has to be sold this summer.
  3. He hasn’t played many games this season but didn’t miss many in the previous four.He’s a one goal in four games striker for Everton and one goal in three games for England.Not good enough for our next step up I would say.
  4. Trafalgar Square winners as well as the Pizza Cup Winners. Two trophies more prestigious than the FIFA recognised Fairs Cup,say the smb.
  5. To make the next step up we do need a cull,which I think most people knew before the Man City game.
  6. I’d rather have Lingard over Jesus.Will West Ham not be looking to buy Lingard this summer,because I’d expect him to chose West Ham before us.
  7. I know money talks but if we’d finished the season with three or four wins on the trot,players would have noticed it and it certainly would have been a good selling point for Little Ed.It could quite possibly take us two transfer windows to get us anywhere near 6th position.
  8. The makems don’t sound as cocky as you would expect with Wycombe waiting for them.It seems they are a big,powerful and very direct team,with regards to their style of play.For some reason,maybe for those reasons,they are on their extremely long hate list.The hate list also includes the Wycombe manager.
  9. I think he’s been decent since coming back from injury but he was a bundle of nerves today and clearly at fault for one of the goals.We have bigger problems than his position to sort out.The back four had no protection today,and I think we knew they wouldn’t get any when we saw the team.
  10. And you know where you heard it first.I’ve seen all our central defenders have more decent games than TOT.Before Big Dan was signed,there were still a few clowns on here who thought TOT should be a permanent fixture due to him being the captain.Did he actually win a tackle or a header today? Bruno and Almiron were the only midfielders who put any effort in.ASM was his usual self.Running when it suited him.Passing when it suited him ( when there was no chance of getting a shot away). I wouldn’t have most of that team in a squad,never mind a team,that’s looking to finish ,let’s say,7th,8th or 9th next season.
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