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  1. How can someone do something 1000 times and still be shite at it
  2. I expect us to get a bit more criticism from the fat bastard at his first press conference when he does go the journey.In fact,will he try and absolve himself from any blame.7 wins in 38 games.
  3. That could have been from most games under Brucey
  4. Caller on Radio 5live now saying Bruce stood and said nowt to the players during the extended break.
  5. We’re not relegated yet so he’ll be claiming another success if we don’t go down.
  6. Lucky because that’s twice he’s raised him arm to intentionally make contact with the ball.
  7. Second from bottom with the most goals conceded playing with 4 defenders and 2 holding midfield players.
  8. We must have the only big central defender who doesn’t mark anyone at corners.
  9. Just watched replays of the goals.TOT dropped too deep then couldn’t close the shor down Clarke was asleep,possibly thinking Ritchie would come around the back,which he should have. Fuckin Lascelles for the second.All over the place and ended up out of position when the goal went in.
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