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  1. And they honestly think their ground is superior to SJP.
  2. With that past record let’s hope he does get the job
  3. They’re getting excited on rtg because they think Poyet is returning for a second spell as their Messiah.They sacked the idiot in 2015 when he had them one place above a relegation spot.Again bringing delusion to a new level.27-3-70.
  4. There’ll be some tired and very angry makems at work tomorrow.I’d like to think they start no later than 6am. Tired Makem Bastards How lah.Lucky maggie basdids ftm
  5. Get the distance measured because I said he’d put a 20 yarder in.
  6. Fuckin hell.You’ll not shut Brucey up now when he gets in front of the mic after Big Joe’s last and only 5 mins
  7. Benteke and Big Joe.The two worst Premier League strikers on the pitch at the same time
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