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  1. This might sound stupid (and apologies if it does) but I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has posted stuff and talked about the footage and images on here, some of them really are my best memories of the match. I've got a VHS video tape somewhere made up of clips recorded off Look North and Tyne tees (usually exactly the same footage), that seems to be mainly made up of Gazza's toon career (Palace, Swindon and Blackpool cup ties all spring instantly to mind). I cannot get the playback to work on this video but I'm pretty sure I'll be on there as well after the fourth goal, I'm running around with a pink polo shirt and wooly hat on (in August, kids man haha). I was pretty obsessed as a kid, everything revolved around football and NUFC most importantly. I probably spent more time watching what was going on in the corner than what was happening on the pitch. Its funny how memories are linked to each other, I cannot say they are crystal-clear any more but they are full of thoughts and emotion. I don't know how kids nowadays could possibly have the same emotional attachment to this diluted, plastic shite that masquerades for football these days. Everything seemed more real, i don't know if you could say grittier, but maybe it was just a was a wide-eyes kid trying to take it all in? My memories of those days are so strong in parts, from probably the mid-80s to mid-90s. I would struggle to tell you the results from the season before last but i could probably have a decent bash at listing the Keegan promotion season (almost in chronological order). I've got a shoe boxes of tickets, a big box of programmes/paper articles and a storage box of old VHS tapes, I'll try and find some stuff not already posted and stick it on here at some point.
  2. Haha i don't reckon you need for your coat for that one like
  3. Alreet. I hope its ok I've added my team to the league. I do one every year but wasn't going to bother after last season. I always did it for a laugh but my mate from work is horrendously competitive and i suppose it rubbed off on me. He was 90+ points ahead at Christmas and i thought i would be chasing in vain once again. However, i managed to claw it back week by week, then his excuses started. He's a liverpool fan and as i caught up i got from him, "I cannot win the fantasy and liverpool win the title!", which changed to, "I cannot win the fantasy and liverpool get a champions league place", "I was going to make that same successful transfer you did this week but my lass said it would jinx liverpool" etc etc. I never quite ascertained how his fantasy team was so intrinsically linked with the real-word fate of lfc but there you go... In the end I just got on such a lucky streak (except for when i brought in Adebayor and captained him against us at home, no luck involved in that one!) and managed to beat him. I felt no joy in it at all, I'm not really that competitive. I was more pleased with my overall standing, especially as i am usually average of the average. At work we have a monthly and a seasonal prize, so there's always something to play for, so i'll try not to be a bore (obviously i mean 'after this post'!).
  4. Cheers. They have to be my favourite sharks, the most important thing to them isn't survival (utilising effective predatory capabilities) but eating ice cream. I suppose that perhaps says more about me than them. Come to think about, Santa never left me the annual last Christmas and he usually does.. I'm left wondering if it ever became 'as funny as it used to be'?
  5. I cannot understand our logic when it comes to the treatment of foreign defenders in the last decade or so!? The only two who I really consider successes are Colo and Enrique and both of them were given time to develop and adapt (I like Santon but something in his game seems missing to me). I may be wrong, but I thought I'd seen glimpses of a good defender when Mbwia has been at centre back, not so much when he's been playing fullback but why the fuck is he being played out there anyway? With a transfer policy of mainly buying bargain-priced players we are bound to have failed punts (Obertan, Marveaux) but I think we'd be giving up too soon if we were to ship Mbwia out after what is a relatively short period.
  6. Aye, as I said I appreciate the differences between the two, but the weight of not breaking his competitive duck seemed to get heavier by the game for Tomasson. My memory is patchy but I'm sure I saw him score a lovely goal away to Birmingham, but his pre-season confidence counted for nowt when the real stuff started (it definitely was a factor that he was suddenly thrust further forward due to necessity!). Playing in the correct position/role and with the proper playing support (he would have surely flourish for us behind Shearer) he went on to prove he was a very good footballer. Confidence wise, it doesn't even have to be a first goal for the club, Cisse's body language got worse and worse last season, in radical contrast to when he first came and was confident enough to try anything and everything! Of course, this will all be academic when Rivière scores against City (fingers crossed)
  7. Scoring is certainly better than not scoring. The first competitive goal will be a big one for all the forward players. I know he was played put of position due to necessity but Jon Dahl Tomasson demonstrated that goals in friendlies don't provide the same psychological confidence that those in 'proper' games provide. Had he scored that early chance v Sheff Wed things might have been different. I appreciate the differences in this instance but I think the principle is the same.
  8. Haha, that's the general consensus but I work seven on, seven off so maybe at some point in the future but I'm happy enough for the time being. Did real, knacker you night shifts when I was younger, that was a whole other thing entirely. No good for a person doing that long-term, no time to recover properly on a five/two or whatever. Cheers for the welcome!
  9. Real Name:Leon Age:37 Birthplace:North Shields Whereabouts:Still North Shields Job:Office-based, Night shift Favourite Club: Newcastle Favourite Band:I like all kinds of stuff, but Oasis,The Clash, Loudon Wainwright III (it's usually guitary, plus Public Enemy and some other bits and bobs). Favourite Shark: The Pathetic Sharks Favourite Food: Spicy usually Favourite Drink:Alcohol-based usually Favourite Place: SJP or the Mayfair in the 90s, country-wise, Italy Favourite Tv Show(s):South Park, partridge Favourite Film: Pan's Labyrinth Footballing Heroes:Beardsley, Shearer, Keegan Footballing Villains: Speedie, Wise, Gabbiadini, Suarez, there are 100s Other Teams:-I look out for a few results but nothing near NUFC Other Sports:Cricket and American football (I'm pretty knowledge-less about both) Role Model(s):-hmm bits of many but no one individual Plans For The Future:Stay happy 5 Things To Do Before You Die: Write a book, do the GNR, get one of my songs played on night owls (ha, honest), go to all of the places I want to go to, get some more away grounds ticked off my list
  10. I stink of Algeria me man! I recognise some of you from twitter (which i don't use any more). Steve/Mcfaul pointed me in this direction awhile back but only now have I clambered out of the woodwork to claim Algeria or some other non-entity as my own! That last season had me thoroughly miserable but i now feel able to talk bollocks once again about Newcastle past and present.
  11. Alreet. I like losing amounts of money small and large so stick me in , cheers. I think I'm settled-up, just let me know if not thanks