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  1. @SimonRoffe Shits poppin' off in the notorious NE25. FOR REAL, YO 😉

  2. @unionsharkjump @Pmacgiollabhain I hope BT Sports give Stewart a live mic every week and tell him to crack on. Fuck 'em

  3. @ramsay_wmramsay @jwishbone123 @maroonajambo That's the fault of the eejits running Scottish football, not Celtic though.

  4. RT @Shaun_Dunsmore: Rangers cycle Summer: battle fever Before new year: false hope, 55 coming home After new year: fuck off rangers

  5. @AlwayzInTrouble I know. I am 😉

  6. RT @kohlgrrl: my only wish is to one day experience even an ounce of the joy this wee man felt

  7. @FollowMeltdowns @Pmacgiollabhain Absolute fucking whopper

  8. @mmaLiam96 Swinging hammers from the waist!

  9. @Greg_1_Leg @AlwayzInTrouble Classic Terry 😉

  10. @bellacaledonia @Pmacgiollabhain Hope BT sport hand him a live mic whenever he's on, with the instruction "gaun' ye… https://t.co/p7vXB2MQ03

  11. @SpillerOfTea *tipped, even

  12. @ZeeRoosta @SiJ24 @TheJimCornette Good rooster! 👍

  13. @GreggsOfficial unhappy customer. Every time I go into your four lane ends shop, there are 4 people behind the coun… https://t.co/zkdiLL72uQ

  14. Honestly man, anyone who thinks Morelos is the best striker in Scotland must be on the glue, by the way 🍀

  15. @gunnerblog Some of the NUFC support are absolute fucking whoppers, and I say that as an NUFC supporter myself. Fucking eejit.

  16. @GeorgeCaulkin Same... 😞 https://t.co/UTqHFCjE1j

  17. @_lippylipez_ @Pmacgiollabhain And for people that claim 'no one likes us, we don't care', they're always fucking g… https://t.co/JaaLH8a8bu

  18. @AlwayzInTrouble I'm in the UK so what you call chips, we call crisps, and what we call chips, you call fries. That… https://t.co/2lPiwdyhx3

  19. @lokiscottishrap *should

  20. @NakulMPande @NickyBandini In the UK, I bought 8 bottles of bud light for £6. It's terrible, but very cheap!

  21. @lokiscottishrap Pure minefield mate. 'danger naps' can have serious knock on effects for everyone 😉

  22. @TaylorandBesty @steveo77legend I get the feeling all the NUFC fans giving you shit about Brexit and wanting you de… https://t.co/nnN0LI8Fr3

  23. @RonnieM87485 @prodnose @guypratt The bass line to 'everybody dance' may well be the best ever

  24. @dmstorr @Dianarotten666 @lokiscottishrap Do not miss being in the office until midnight with punters on the phone… https://t.co/yZxlN3zRkD

  25. https://t.co/UyFslsLlXM

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