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  1. @RockcliffeFiles Think I tried Reds BBQ once and me and the missus were the only people in there. I'm old enough to… https://t.co/zagZ60ZawR

  2. @SamWhyte @RockcliffeFiles And the gingers (of which I am one)

  3. @insignificuntxX @realDonaldTrump 'thicker than a castle wall' as we would say here in the UK. Sadly, we have Boris. Yet another eejit 😭

  4. @HRFMichael Blastaway. Fucking lethal

  5. @RockcliffeFiles @dannysuono Chinned the lot in a oner. So proper wrong uns who got away with it, by the way

  6. RT @TomCampbell: There’s quite a few accounts popping up offering lists of names. Don’t spread these. Follow @SierraLoxton, @LeanneMarieWr…

  7. @Danielle143 @MillieMcKenzie0 @altprowres Fuck me. For someone who puts their degree as part of their name, you don… https://t.co/KphStSiRv0

  8. RT @not_carlisle: i see they’re still pulling down racist monuments in england https://t.co/0GZHnKJGws

  9. @Manu73459551 @DLSmiler Really? If Jimmy Havoc punched me in the fave for no reason then he'd get knocked clean out. The skinny prick

  10. @Mark40502943 @LeeJFlood @WeeNippySweety Can someone call Marco's mam to come and get him off the Internet? Fucks sake man 😂😂

  11. @RockcliffeFiles I'd take the money out of my wallet right now. The only time you should be looking down on someone… https://t.co/9Pw60Jjpai

  12. Morning all! Me and Zoe are up, had breakfast and now watching Kipo and the wonder beasts on Netflix. If you have… https://t.co/kCbWBJgvhu

  13. RT @_DHOTYA: https://t.co/nomjV1sWkv

  14. @RockcliffeFiles I remember watching that and 'there will be blood' back to back. Quick reviews? No country for old… https://t.co/iG1MmAQJ04

  15. @RockcliffeFiles @cyptoon Lose control lager. At one time it was 50p a bottle in my local cluuuurb. Absolute fucking lunacy

  16. @Govanbhoy20 Folded up like clean washing. You love to see it

  17. @Govanbhoy20 Certainly is mate. But not when this shite is going on 😞

  18. @RockcliffeFiles Agreed. FBI Doug is good value

  19. @MTCPODCAST Not gonna lie, I'm looking forward to these middle aged snide stone island footy hooligan gammon wanker… https://t.co/KxPaB7kppH

  20. #NewProfilePic https://t.co/kCupUbYTH4

  21. @FitbitUK I've sent you a complaint about my charge 2 which now doesn't record steps or sleep. Please check the dir… https://t.co/dsQKC1AnOb

  22. @RockcliffeFiles What I like most, is that these cunts couldn't fight sleep. 😉

  23. @Glen_Joseph Cody's new trainer has made him much more patient, so he's not chasing th KO. I APPROVE 👍

  24. @DawkinsReturns Genuinely hope it gets torn down with these diet EDL wankers unferneath it. 'football lad'? Couldn't fight sleep?

  25. @LuckyTony72 https://t.co/nx8zNmxdJF My mate Chela, she's amazing!

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