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  1. @redhead_ordead Hell of an ice breaker tho....

  2. @RockcliffeFiles @seaned75 As a Celtic supporter, the only that counts is the big gold one on our shirts 😉

  3. @alexandra_kuri Get in the sea you robot nonce

  4. @ResignTyneside @SaveTyneside Un-fucking-tenable 😠

  5. RT @skolanach: @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/tCIouVxI5T

  6. @itsrplace the coolest customer LOVES her unicorn hot chocolate! https://t.co/ZWem5efShC

  7. @ParcelORogues1 When I was younger, I found out my sisters boyfriend at the time had been putting his hands on her.… https://t.co/dXrPJpJr4n

  8. @ParcelORogues1 Grand. Good luck with that! New York will be an interesting change from North Carolina!

  9. RT @David_Ornstein: 🚨📈 Exclusive @TheAthleticUK 📉🚨 ⚽️ Hundreds of footballers sign up to potentially groundbreaking lawsuit over use of pe…

  10. @lillai23 Fuck me. I'm now off to hit myself with a hammer in the hope it makes my brain forget I've seen and heard… https://t.co/w5QVISc0Qi

  11. @agirlcalledlina This cunt would be getting knocked clean out if he bumped into me in ALDI. Absolute fucking walloper

  12. @ParcelORogues1 I had to look up what a 'soft block' was... I'm in fucking someone off, then It's getting done big… https://t.co/XBW5tUzPBg

  13. @Govanbhoy20 £25 Mill for French Eddy? I'm assuming that's the first installment 😂😂😂

  14. @ParcelORogues1 I've just cut the grass. There was nee Doherty's option. Pile of shite, by the way. It's fucking ro… https://t.co/sv24YRsa0S

  15. @TaylorandBesty @connelhooley It's not as if Puma can't do something nice with black and white stripes (Botafogo h… https://t.co/8zfSr5hfGh

  16. RT @TheAndernator: “Hi, is that Puma? Lee Charnley, here. Seems our takeover hasn’t gone through as hoped. Can you knock us up something up…

  17. RT @GillesOffTheWeb: On this day in 1988. Mick McCarthy celebrates Celtic’s Scottish Cup victory with team-mate Frank McAvennie. https://t.…

  18. @ParcelORogues1 I'll go halfers with you. Most overrated player I've seen in my life

  19. @Pmacgiollabhain Anyone, everyone. Absolute fucking walloper 😞

  20. @paullarkin74 Think it may be my favourite opening to any song. What a belter!

  21. @Govanbhoy20 And wee Tierney to be fair. A steal at 25 million

  22. @RockcliffeFiles @JimmyJazzEsq Gomorrah is UNREAL

  23. RT @Ollie_Bayliss: BREAKING: The FA & the Government have given the go-ahead for 11 a-side grassroots football to return! Pre-season frie…

  24. @RockcliffeFiles Quality kicks mate. Habe owned several pairs in the past. You have a good eye, my man

  25. @w_mccusker They never fail to disappoint do they? Absolute fucking roasters

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