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  1. @tonistorm_ @JimmyHavoc That piledriver tho.... 💥

  2. @LuckyTony72 Ditto. Can't shed a single tear about a rich buffoon who can afford the best private health care.

  3. RT @TheProductDS: The 2019 @indiewrestling Match of the Year starts at 10 pm EST on https://t.co/SCeTiZIXIa Americanrana ‘19 Iron Man Mat…

  4. @HellaMegaTour hi. I gave tickets for the Huddersfield show. With the current pandemic is it being cancelled? And i… https://t.co/pbM5jmAG3i

  5. RT @JBLuvsCeltic: Rangers may release their interims today. They'll show a profit due to the EL & they'll spin it. Here's the thing. In t…

  6. RT @oeste: I been thinking about this pass and finish all day https://t.co/J21vSTsRK7

  7. @OfficialEGO @MrGMSI_BCage @THETOMMYDREAMER @ScottDAmore @Santana_Proud @Ortiz_Powerful @Willie_Mack… https://t.co/nrh2zmtWt6

  8. @EE I also can't believe you have no idea of when youll get updates from suppliers. Crazy way to do business

  9. @EE Three people now have ignored my questions and concerns over security patches. Seems you only care about new cu… https://t.co/WbZCVhR98T

  10. @NUFC360 Get yourself away tae fuck until there is some cunt flapping the shirt in the centre circle. Fucks sake man 😞

  11. @jimsmallman Pure fucking roaster, by the way

  12. @UKHonor when is emui 10 released for honor 9x in UK?

  13. @DannyUNIAharlem @1872Curtis When's the 'Dave King : Banter years' box set oot? 🍀🎉😉

  14. @EE As a company, you are responsible for pushing the update, and I can't believe you don't have time frame or idea for this. Amateurs

  15. @LuckyTony72 @BBC6Music Aye. Helen has the conservatory I'm on the dining table. Luckily, we have a little enclosed… https://t.co/P3Y2POmWW1

  16. @ManLikeBeano After wasting a minute of my life with that shit, I legit hope you step barefoot on an upturned plug 😉

  17. @_lippylipez_ @Pmacgiollabhain @RangersFC @SRtRCScotland If he fights as good as he spells he's gonna get second prize here, by the way

  18. @HuaweiMobileUK @HuaweiMobile Where the fuck is emui 10 for honor 9x in the UK?

  19. RT @Alan_Morrison67: This is terrific What stands out for me is his physical intelligence to get his body into the right shape and positio…

  20. @occupied_stall Crack on kidda

  21. @jimsmallman In fairness, he's told us who he is, what he's about and who he's doing it to. No venue, but I'll forg… https://t.co/dTJe198Uv0

  22. @scotmacscotbot @Pmacgiollabhain This guy needs his cunt kicked in. Simple as 😞

  23. @jamesenglish0 You know it 👍

  24. @JohnMFoulger I'm sure that sharing all the meat from his trolley with potential witnesses would ensure no-one had… https://t.co/Wx14zHGv0k

  25. @JohnMFoulger Wow. It'll be difficult to eat all that meat with no fucking teeth. I applaud you restraint as I'd ha… https://t.co/KaWVUJIQdP

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