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  1. Impressed me today, could well turn out to be an excellent signing.
  2. ( Came across this today, thought i would pass it on) Cheers
  3. imagine the conversation over the kitchen table tomorrow morning i see our kinga fucked a bottle pass the milk
  4. Hey ! sex is great but its no substitute for the real thing ! 5566[/snapback]
  5. Someone told me they are a bit like Tarrot Cards and Palm readers, very dangerous to the stupid, niave and insecure but just a laugh to anyone who has more than 10 brain cells. True? or do they genuinely work
  6. mate i would, pizza makes everything better! , although they do make a good breakfast.
  7. Just thinking about getting 1 for a laugh that's all! .. And no, i dont
  8. Are these things good for a party or best to stay clear?
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