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  1. might be faves to go down but they can cause problems.
  2. I remember seeing him stroll to the front of the queue at legends with a couple of birds draped on each arm, whilst wearing a white suit. The stuff of dreams lol
  3. Nigel fucking Worthington??? Really?? have some sense Jabba
  4. yeah, love the noise just realised my 5 things to do before I die, I only have one.. I guess I'm not ambitious then.
  5. in the chronicle poll I was surprised to see Ally Mcoist.. but then I remembered the rangers connection. Now that would take the biscuit and eat it.
  6. Think I'd prefer beardsley and carver until end of season and go for a big un' like de boer.. rather than pulis!..
  7. nothing on sky or .co.uk to say he's gone I'd like to see a new face, but would prefer end of season rather than one of Ashley's boys for 5 month
  8. Real Name: Neil Age:42 Birthplace:Wallsend Whereabouts:Gossy Job:Biz owner / Fx trader Favourite Club: Newcastle Favourite Band: loads but music tastes are disco / old hip hop / early house & rave Favourite Shark: ? Favourite Food: Balti Favourite Drink: kronenberg Favourite Place: Anywhere sunny Favourite Tv Show(s):currently the walking dead Favourite Film: Wolf of wall st Footballing Heroes:Beardsley, Shearer, Keegan Footballing Villains: Roy Keane, Peter Reid, Cattermole Other Teams:- Other Sports: I like s
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