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  1. My love and passion came flooding back today, It's something that I haven't really for a couple of years. Today was just overwhelming, Jonas scoring the goal that secured our status as a premier league club couldn't have been any better. I hope to the high gods that we move on from this and start to challenge in the league. My passion has been reinstalled and so has my affirmation that we could truly be one of Englands biggest forces given some investment and real leadership. Lets hope that Charnley does not give the job to either Carver or McClaren and that we see an overhaul of the s
  2. Seems like I am going to be in the minority on here, but I did think Ashley was being quite genuine today. No one here really knows what goes on inside the club, so maybe this could be Ashleys way of acknowledging that there is something wrong with the club that he hasn't ironed out. I could be being very naive, but there was a part of me that was reassured by the interview. It is going to be interesting to see if he keeps to his word though and we see investment over the summer because we bloody need it.
  3. Don't think people should be putting pressure on him to be our "saviour" the lad is only young, and we haven't really seen that much of him. Granted he had good games against Man City and Liverpool but the last 3 games of this season are going to be whole different kettle of fish. The pressure going into these games is unbelievable, and I'm not sure he will perform under all the expectation
  4. One last point should see us safe in my opinion. But we shouldn't see that as a success, as we should never have been in this situation in the first place. I can see Sunderland pulling out of it too, I just cannot see them going down. I reckon they'll beat Southampton at the weekend, and get a couple more shock results along the way.
  5. I know what you mean, but I'm not sure he is just seen as a scout. The way he is talked about in the press, I sort of get the impression he over see's player recruitment as a whole. The In's and the outs. That is merely speculation however. Charnley will have definitely had a say though,
  6. Next time I am home in York I can.
  7. It's not a shirt but I have a pair of Steve Harpers gloves that he handed over to me on the last day of the season in 04/05/ I got them signed by Shay Given, Steve Harper and Alan Shearer the next season.
  8. I keep having doubts, but it would be absolute suicide to give him the job full time. He can't use the injuries line as an excuse in my opinion. But that is not an excuse for his baffling tactics, and substitutions. Nice nickname btw. I stayed in the same hotel as Kevin Carr for a couple of weeks whilst in Gran Canaria. Very friendly guy
  9. I would like to say I agree with you, but I cannot see anything other than Carver and Stone being on the coaching staff next year. I very much doubt the club will invest in both squad and coaching staff. But maybe this is why theyre so keen in McClaren? He could've told them that he can bring such and such coach with him too? I live in hope...
  10. I think Charnley and Carr will be to blame for allowing it. Certainly won't have been Pardew or anyone else associated with the first team. The most annoying part of this is, is that say a bid came in for Williamson last summer, the club would have probably rejected it while accepting the bid for Mbiwa
  11. Nope, good point. Didn't even take Mbiwa into consideration when typing that out. Letting him go to Roma is probably the biggest transfer cock up we've had in the last year. Who ever sanctioned that should be sacked for that alone. Typical of the club to be honest though. Move two players on, and leave us criminally short in key areas.
  12. I'm concerned at the prospect of Krul leaving in the summer. While he has not been great this season, it hasn't helped him playing behind a truly shocking defense. I could see him going to Palace for around £6 Million and we'll give Darlow a shot as No.1.
  13. When we were in The Championship he looked quite comfortable, and even in the first season back he looked like a fairly content player. But his recent performances put him on a par with Boumsong in terms of quality of performances. I wish Perch wasn't sold. He was a far more reliable pair of hands at centre back comparted with Thrilliamson.
  14. Yeah I think i'd give Riv another 6 months or so. I don't think he looked too bad on Saturday, showed some glimpses of being a relatively good footballer. In some respects, I would consider getting rid of Cabella, I think he could still demand a high fee, as he is a talented player just maybe not cut for the Premier League. Shame really as i really want him to do well. I always seem to curse players that I want to do well... Luque, Rozehnal, Duff etc
  15. I agree with everyone on there but Colo. His heart doesn't look in it anymore, and has been gash for the best part of a year anyway. Glad to see somebody else thinks Dummet looks relatively solid at CB as well!
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